Difference between Advertising Course and Marketing Course


Although Advertising and marketing are inter-related topics, which are indispensable for the effective sale or a product, individually both are poles apart. Advertising is a type of communication projected to influence spectators or customers to buy or take some action upon merchandise, ideas, or services. On the other hand, Marketing is concerned with the sequence of steps involved in starting from idea generation, designing and branding products or services, carrying out market research so as to know about the target customers, and the related procedures carried on to make a link between the seller and the ultimate consumer.

Advertising courses and career opportunities

Advertising courses emerge with a lot of inventiveness. As there are many advertising programs offered in colleges in India and abroad, aspirants can pursue their preferred advertising course. There are graduate and postgraduate advertising courses. In addition to this, aspirants can also study the diploma or PhD programs in advertising. Aspirants can specialize in advertising or study the same as a subject in their Bachelors’ degree. Advertising is a sector where artistic juices may gush without any barricades. After completing the advertising courses, professionals can search out for career in public or private advertising agencies, newspapers, journals and so on. Advertisers can also work as a freelancer or seek for employments in media and communication and even in market research organizations.

Marketing courses and career opportunities

Many Universities and institutes all through the world offer graduate and postgraduate programs in Marketing. Those who are interested in carrying out research in Marketing should pursue the PhD programs in Marketing. Most of them study MBA program taking Marketing as a specialization. On completion of the course, they can seek out for career in manufacturing companies, IT industries, media, and so on. Each and every company requires marketing personal to publicize its new products or services. Such is the importance of marketing professionals. However, good communication skills are indispensable for these professionals to carry out their work successfully.

Key Differentiators between Advertising and Marketing

  • Advertising is a portrayal or presentation of a product, idea, or an organization, in order to encourage public to buy, support, or endorse it whereas marketing is the process by which manufactured goods and services are introduced into the market and to make the customers buy the same.
  • Marketing is an entire process in which Advertising is merely a part of the same.

Even though Advertising and Marketing are entirely different streams of study, the application of both collectively helps in the ultimate sale of merchandise.



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