M.Tech in Information Technology Project Names and Ideas


Mtech in Information Technology is a specialized field for doing post graduation related to computer applications, software engineering and hardware. As this field is advanced, there are good topics where students can target to do projects.

Final year Project Names and Ideas

EIS Integration with JCA through tailor made Resource Adaptor

This study focuses on the applicability of JCA in EIS incorporation and discovers the scope of this frame work as to put up different design prototypes. This study reveals the probable hot spots in the JCA and elucidates in details how the design by contract will help to dig out the prerequisite from the obtainable components and map the evolved requirements with the guarantee of leaving the framework with the same robustness and correctness.

Safekeeping Mobile agent based communication system

The mobile agent system is a novel technology developed consecutively as to widen communication between multiple mobile devices. The project revolves around the Mobile based Communication System and the different problems and possible solution available. The project will give an insight on the effective mobile communication technologies and improved security options. The project uses AGLETS and JAVA language tools.

An ANP approach - Preference of the architectural model for KM execution

The Analytic Network Process (ANP) is the newest MCDM method. The ANP structure in the project consists of the rate, competitiveness and receptiveness which estimates the progression of various architecture. The frame work also discovers the relationship of managerial structure, process combination and innovation. It also goes through the knowledge extensive, intensive and the accessible system architecture for implementing KM.

Aware mobile video streaming - QOS

This study proposes the Architecture and methods for mobile video streaming. The project suggests various architecture and communication path between video streaming server and mobile device.

Meta search engine supported on Query-Expansion

This study is a presentation and analysis of the application of Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis technique as for the Query expansion in the context of the Meta Search engines.

Purpose of competence based gears to explore the rapport of protein sequence and structure

The basic idea of the project is to study the protein structure and the sequence relationship with the help of the hidden markov model and artificial neural network. In the project there are basically two hidden models. The 1st model displays the protein secondary structure as hidden and protein sequence as observed. The 2nd model displays the protein secondary structure as hidden and protein structure as observed. Both the structures result shows efficiency in the first model greater than the second.

Execution and testing of Security Algorithm for Wireless Security Networks

This project provides an efficient and improved solution which helps in the study and securing the Wireless Sensor network and will lead to possible performance enhancement of the WSW. The project puts emphasis on the routing architecture with the approach of re-keying and key pre-distribution.

3D Reconstruction

3D reconstruction is a method of restoring 3D information of an object with its 2D images. This project is largely focused on the voxel coloring algorithm performance when it is activated on different images and resolutions.

Some other topics for doing projects

Content based Search Engine  for XML database, Curve-lets based moving object tracking, Discharge of SOA by developing web services, Intrusion Detection in mobile ad hoc network, RNA structure prediction by Graph Theory, Security of Mobile agents, Service Discovery in Wireless Mesh Networks, Video Delivery over Wireless and Bluetooth, Web content Customization and Adaptation on Mobile phone, Wireless sensor networks in rescue operations using 3-D Localization etc are some of the names of other projects in M.Tech Information technology.

Choose the Industry

M.Tech in Information Technology Students can decide to do their projects in a number of different industries. Students can decide on whichever of the following sectors to do projects as per their choice or according to the demand from the industry. Hardware, Software, ITES, BPO, KPO’s etc are some of the industries were they can look forward to doing their projects.



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