PTU B.Tech 1st Year-Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Papers


PTU offers great technical and engineering programs to the students.  The University started its program in 1997, but in 2003 all the patterns of exam papers and other syllabus has been changed.  Today, PTU is a reputed concern and offering students a great platform to be successful in technical field.

Paper Pattern

In the paper of Basic Electrical and Electronics engineering, which is a part of the First Semester, students have to attempt in total 17 questions and all questions are divided into three different sections A, B & C. Wherein Section A is compulsory to attempt in which 10 questions of 2 marks are there.  In section B & C, total 8 questions are there and students are supposed to attempt any five from both B & C section, and then select any 2 from same sections. Each question contains 8 marks in section B & C.

Frequently Asked Questions

For an engineering student of PTU or from any other university, some questions are there which are asked very often in the papers. Basically these questions can be random and depend upon the examiner as well. Still students are concerned to be prepared for all types of questions which are asked frequently. So, some frequently asked questions are given below.

What is the need of studying electrical and electronics engineering, scope, work area, jobs for an electrical and electronics engineer, Network Theorems, JFET, MOSFET, Zener Diode, J-K and R-S Flip flop etc.

Time Allotted To Complete the Paper

Like other general or any stream, PTU B.Tech 1st year students also need to complete their paper within 3 hours, no time extension is there. So you have to finish your exam within 3 hours any way. If in case, anything remains left, you won’t be allowed to do that by getting extra time.

Recommended Books

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering by Dr. Yaduvir Singh, Mandhir Verma
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering (PTU, Jalandhar) By R. K. Rajput
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