New adaptations in PhD


The course of the PhD are under some serious consideration of adapting new ventures to met the basic needs of millions of candidates that cannot take the course due to lack of some aspects that these new ventures are gong to fill up.

There are many new ventures that are hitting upon the candidate amongst which is distance learning program. Also there are thoughts of decreasing the over all time limit of the course has to be completed. Looking up head front, we see that the distance learning aspects of the PhD program are booming up as it allows no face to face interaction and provides an ideal environment I which any candidates can attain the degree

Then there is the foreign exchange program in which the candidates from the foreign countries are selected and then an Indian candidate is exchanged in hand with the same. This leads of better exchange of ideas that would ultimately lead to better completion of the degree.

With the aspects of future ventures growing, there is a possible view of completing undertaking the course in online procedure. This would lead to coverage of more candidates in the wider prospects of the degree. Thus we see numerous new ventures that are designed to create a better understanding of the course and the candidates that are under taking them.

Thus, the we ventures along with there future influence should be understood and should not be straight away discarded. Therefore the course is suffering major face lifting.



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    Can i do phd in IT after mca from sikim manipal