Exam Pattern and Preparation tips for GRE


Graduate Record Examinations GRE is an exam conducted for the admission to technology courses in graduate schools of United States and in other English speaking countries. The exam is designed to evaluate the verbal, analytical reasoning, and mathematical skills of the candidates. It is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) based in the United States.

Exam Pattern

Graduate Record Examination is designed to check the fundamental skills such as logical reasoning and comprehension skills of the candidates. Unlike other aptitude test, GRE is more friendly and flexible as it allows usage of computers and calculators for the paper based test. Questions will be asked in multiple choice objective type formats. The test comprises of three sections.

  • Verbal Section
  • Quantitative Section
  • Analytical Writing Assessment Section

Verbal Section

Verbal section contains two parts having 25 questions in each part. Maximum time limit available for solving each section is 35 minutes. Questions are asked to analyse the English usage skill as well as writing skills of the candidates. Questions will be asked to check Basic English grammar, vocabulary, ability to interpret, reading comprehension etc.

Quantitative Section

This part contains two sections. Each section contains 25 questions on mathematics. Time duration for each section is 40 minutes. Candidates can expect questions from basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry including basic coordinate geometry, geometry and data analysis percentages, fractions & decimals, algebra including quadratic equations, ratio & proportion, area & volume etc. Candidates can use calculators for computation.

Analytical Writing Assessment

Candidates are required to write two short essays on given topics in this section. Time duration allotted for each essay is 30 minutes. Candidate’s logical thinking and writing skills will be measured in this test.

Preparation Tips for GRE

Good and thorough preparation is necessary to score high in this test. Graduate Record Examination checks one’s nerves than knowledge. Hence candidates are required to be calm, composed and confident while attempting the questions.

One should be thorough about the basics of Algebra, geometry fractions & decimals so as to score well in the quantitative section.It is always better to prepare a time table for themselves so as to study, to solve previous question papers and to do mock tests.

Candidates should refer grammar books, English dailies to update their vocabulary as well as comprehension skills. Moreover, they are advised to write essays on common topics for better time management.



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