PTU B. Pharm 7th Sem. Pharmaceutics-VIII (Pharmaceutical Technology-II) Papers


Pharmaceutical technology II paper is the advanced study of drugs and capsules and related data to it such as packaging etc. The paper helps students to learn the basics of the subject, including the advance form of pharmaceutical industry.

Importance of Pharmaceutical Technology II

Paper is an important one as the subject is related to the study of drug designing and packaging. In the present world, drugs are important to human kind as increase of population is increasing the no. of diseases.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of Pharmaceutics-VIII (Pharmaceutical Technology-II) consists of 10 questions in it. These questions are kept in 3 sections; Section A is of 15 sub-questions of very short answer type questions, Section B is of 5  short answer type questions from which 4 are to be solved and Section C is of 4 long answer type questions from which 3 are to be solved. Each question in each section is of equal marks.

Questions asked often:

There are some questions which are asked often such as Advantages and disadvantages of capsule dosage form, size of capsules, Micro-encapsulation, spray congealing, coating pan and other techniques, complex emulsion, polymerization, importance of microencapsulation, importance of base absorption, method of capsule filling,  Formulation of different types of tablets, granulation technology on large-scale by various techniques, different types of tablet compression machinery and the equipment employed, strain  gauze, Coating of Tablets, equipment for coating  process, evaluation of tablets, stability kinetics and quality assurance etc.

Marks & Time:

Total marks which can be obtained in the paper are 80 and time which is offered to the paper is 3 hours.

Recommended Books:

Pharmaceutical Technology II by Book Agency, Calcutta

Pharmaceutical Bio-technology by Vijay Malik

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