Certification courses for Electronics Engineers in India


Electronic Engineers have options to pursue different types of certification courses in Central institute of Tool Design like Certificate Course in PLD and FPGA Architecture and Certificate Course in Real Time Operating system. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) also offer five month certification course in VLSI Design for them. Electronic engineers can become skilled professionals like Microcontroller Programmer, FPGA Engineers after doing these specialized certification programs.

Certification courses available in India

Courses having 1 month duration

  • Certificate Course in Digital Design by using VERILOG/ VHDL: Basic Concepts of VERILOG/ VHDL, VLSI and XILINX ISE 8.2i is covered in this course. This course will enable the electronics engineers to find the job of Technical Lead in chip design companies
  • Certificate Course in PLD and FPGA Architecture: This course primarily focuses on the basic concepts of Programmable Logic Device (PLD), Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) and Field Programmable Logic Arrays (FPGA). After completing this course, an electronic engineer can try for the job of FPGA Design and Verification Engineer, FPGA Validation Engineer etc.
  • Certificate Course in Microcontroller: Architecture and applications of 8051Microcontroller are explained in this certificate course. It is much suitable for the electronic engineers with desire to become a Microcontroller Programmer.
  • Certificate Course in Real Time Operating systems: This course provides a detailed study of Real Time Operating Systems. It also covers the areas of IDE, Pipe programming and Implementation of I.P.C. If an electronic engineer pursues this course, then they can move on to the position of Operating System Analyst or Engineer.

Certificate Courses having 3 months duration

  • Certificate Course in Advanced Digital Design: Major areas covered under this course are RISC processor design and characteristics of MOSFET. An Electronic Engineer can look for a job of Digital Design Engineer after completing this course
  • Certificate Course in Synthesis and Timing Issues (VLSI Design): By pursuing this certificate course, aspirants can get an idea about how to develop synthesizable programmes in XILINX environment using Verilog. On successful completion of this course, candidates stand a good chance to get the job of VLSI Design Engineer.
  • Certificate Course in CMOS Subsystems Design: Subjects studied during this certificate course are SOC DFT verification, VLSI design fundamentals etc. Electronics Engineers can study this course to get the job of CMOS Design Engineer.

Courses having 4 months duration

  • Certificate Course in Analog Integrated Design: By this course, aspirants can study about design methodologies of OPAMP, applications of control systems, operational amplifier design using MOSFET etc. Electronics Engineers can choose this certificate course, if they want to get the job of Analog Integrated Circuit Designer.

Courses having 5 months duration

  • Certificate Course in Digital and Analog VLSI Design: As this course include the study of both Digital and Analog Design, aspirants can get a better idea about front – end and back – end processes involved in the design of VLSI. This is good option for electronic engineers to pursue their career as Analog IC Design Engineer.

Courses having 6 months duration

  • Certificate Course in Mechatronics and its Applications: This course covers Mechatronics and its applications which facilitate automation in industries. If the Electronics Engineers are interested to pursue the career of Mechatronics Engineer, then this course is a very good option for them.

Benefits of doing a certification course

By doing a certification course, an electronics engineer can move up to senior position in the current firm or switch into a specific area in electronics which is innovative and interesting. If an electronics engineer has joined a chip design company as fresher, then Certificate Course in Digital Design by using VERILOG/ VHDL will help them a move up the ladder. Thus they can even move up to the position of Team Lead.

Certification courses in CMOS Subsystems Design, Certificate Course in PLD and FPGA Architecture etc can provide a good opportunity for electronics engineer to explore the latest technologies available in the field of electronics. This will enable them to acquire skills in areas like C-MOS Design, FPGA Design etc. Thus they can look for more advanced careers in the field of electronics such as FPA Designer and C-MOS Design engineer. As the duration of almost all the certification courses are very less, an electronic engineer can easily pursue any of these courses along with their job.



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    Pls i need a 3-6 months certification in electronic circuit design, such that at the end of the programme, i will be able to look at virtually any circuit diagram and design it.This stage should be practical based rather than theory,as i have enough of the theory of electronics.You may recommend another training institute in INDIA, if yours is not in position to give me what i want.

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