WBUT, Information Technology, 7th Sem., Distributed Computing Papers


There are very few universities in the country that are effective in disseminating quality education in various streams as West Bengal University of Science and Technology. The university is well known for the standard of its engineering faculty and the quality which they deliver. The university offers B.E in Information technology and during the 7th semester of the course, the students have to learn Distributed computing and at the end of the semester, the students have to answer the paper of the subject.

Syllabus of the subject

It is best that the candidates master the whole syllabus if the subject. As per the university guidelines, the following are in the syllabus:

•    Internet working
•    Web technology
•    Domains
•    Servers
•    Active time server algorithm
•    DSM
•    ACK reply protocol
•    Casual ordering
•    Data transfer models
•    clock skew

About the subject

The subject is purely based on computers. It mainly deals with networks and the associated system and its software aspects. The subject does not focus on programming.

Question paper setting

The paper consists of three sections A, B and C. The sections consists of multiple choice questions, short answer type questions and long answer type questions respectively. All the sections are compulsory. Internal choices are available within every section. Ten questions have to be answered from section A, three from both B and C. To each multiple choice question four options are provided and only one of them is correct.

Method of marking and duration of the paper

The paper is for a total of 70 marks. A candidate needs to score 35% or more to get through the exam. There are no negative marks for answering the multiple choice questions wrongly. The candidates are given a maximum of 3 hours for completing the paper.

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    sir, multiple choice question will ask in semester exam.can u prefer which book will best for prepare this.i am student of 3rd year,my stream is information technology.i will always wrong in multiple choice question.plz help me