Bio-Medical in Production: Potential stored in it


Bio-Medical course has been significantly associated with research and other related aspects. However some of the candidate that has under taken the course has gone in production proving that the course has some potential in the production line, though course is vitally related to Biology and several of its related aspects. Strictly specking, the new trend has spark discussion all over the nation.

The course uses the aspects that can be used in research field; however there are fields in the production line that utilises these very aspects. For instance, the “touch pad” of the laptop is directly derived from the Bio-Medical course and is utilised for production in most present era laptop. Instances like these prove the need of Bio-Medical in the production line. There are other aspects that need to be looked at. There are many instruments that are required in a hospital to save lives and the productions of these are to some extent dependent on Bio-Medical. Here also the course finds application in the production line.

The course however should not be completely associated with production as still it offers to a large extent, opportunities in the research oriented fields. However aspects mention above act as a window that can be used to enter the production line and can be used to carve out a stable career. Thus the course has vitally introduced its step into the production and will in the future take a giant leap that will help to better associate with the production line.



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