Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in the CBSE


With effect from October 2009 a new reform has been established by the Government, were the abolishment of the compulsory CBSE board exam for class X and the introduction of grading system. This will be taken up from 2010 – 2011 onwards. The government has taken up this system in the CBSE as a method to reduce students stress level in the examination and to eliminate the comparison between students over small variations. The system is also implemented as a method to continuously evaluate ans assesses the student’s performance on a regular basis.

Changes implemented through CCE

With the new CCE rule in place the pattern of the CBSE 10th board examination will become optional. The board exam is thus replaced with an internal assessment method. The new CCE rule is only applicable to the CBSE schools. Students who are under the CBSE pattern will only have to appear in an aptitude exam. The CBSE board has resolute to go sturdily by making the Class X board exam non-compulsory and have put into practice CCE grading system and other substitutes.

The main aim of the CCE is to make the school level education relatively stress free and the ability of the students will not be evaluated on the basis of a single examination rather than the performance of the candidate throughout the year. A student following the CCE grading system will be endowed with grades which include A+, A, B, C, D and E. As for the students who intent to continue in the same school for 11th and 12th standard doesn’t have to appear in the board exam. Even though, students who plan to change their school will have to appear in an online exam before transferring to another school. The CCE system is there by help the students to de-stress themselves from the pressure of board exam and will also lessen the number of suicide cases, which is one of the major problem among students.

Grading System for class 9th and 10th from 2009-2010 onwards

The category of grading system

New pattern of exam of CBSE Board
As per the CCE grading system for the CBSE the certificates will only be issued to those students who have scored a minimum of 33% marks in more than 5 subjects.  The CBSE certificates will only have the grade scored by the students. The students who have got E1 Grade will be given a chance to re-appear in the exam, if preferred by the candidate. The candidates in the E2 category will not be promoted for the higher level class for the time being. Those students will have to appear in the 10th standard one more time. As per the new rule a student need to score only above 21 % of marks to get admission in the 11th standard. This means students will not have fear for failing in class 10th if they have put in good effort.

How would the System help?

The CCE grading system was implemented with the sole intention to help the students and their parents, who are the main stakeholders of the school level education in many different ways. The primary purpose of the CCE is to reduce stress and anxiety which builds up most of the time during the examination. This has many adverse influences on young students under the age group of 13 to 15 years. The CCE will automatically bring down the dropout rate and will increase the performance of students.

The CCE is giving more importance to learning rather than teaching to test the student’s memory capacity. The students will have more conceptual clarification with the aid of experiential learning in the class room itself.  Students will have a chance to develop their personality and will be able to focus in the co-scholastic aspect.  This development is also evaluated in the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme.

This evaluation system has many effective and advanced system implanted which will prepare each student for life. The new system of education gives importance to the physical fitness, emotional balance and mental alertness of students, which is to a certain extent lacking in the older system of education. Students are motivated and are provided enough time to develop their interests, hobbies and individuality. The CCE provides students a friendly environment relatively than the fearful and stressed out older system. Students will be equipped with different life skills, critical thinking capabilities, develop their creativity and social skills and will be adaptive and cop steadily while entering in to a highly competitive environment.

Assessment of Scholastic areas

In the CCE grading system there will be dual Formative assessments and single Summative assessment for assessment of Scholastic areas. In the Formative assessment students will be given regular feedbacks and motivate them to actively involve themselves in self learning. This will help to increase the student’s performance level and confidence level. The Formative Assessment is not constrained only to the pencil paper tests. It also has various quizzes, oral testing, projects, assignments etc. The Summative assessment in the CCE is a way of assessment of student’s performance at the end of the teaching. The evaluation is of pen-paper test and is carried out by the schools themselves. This will be held at the end of each term. There will be an evaluation of Co-Scholastic areas like students achievement, Attitudes, Creative and scientific skills, health and physical education and many more.

Advantages of CCE System in CBSE

CCE helps in dropping stress of students in different ways like, evaluating learning advancement of students at expected time gaps on small portions of contents. It employs a range of corrective measures of education based on learning requirements and potential of different students. The grading system will help to give up the use of negative comments on the learner’s performance. Encourage learning through employing different teaching aids and techniques and involving captive activities in the learning process. The new CCE system recognizes the specific abilities of children’s and motivates them in those areas.

Disadvantages of CCE

Some of the students consider the CCE to be mayhem in the studies. As every students have their own strength and weakness, students who are shy or some ward introvert will not speak well in the oral test, were as these students will be able to express themselves in the written test pretty well.  Students are some times over loaded with various assignments and projects.

The main disadvantage of CCE grading system is that, a student securing 90 and a student securing 99 marks will be given the same A-grade. This is considered unfair for the students who are scoring the 99 marks.



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