Changes brought by the CCE system in CBSE Class X examination


The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCS) system bought in by the CBSC for the Xth standard examination is gaining more and more positive response from all over the country. Since the introduction of the CCE system around 90% of students from various CBSE schools have chosen out of the final board exam.

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In the initial stages of the implementation of the CCE system in the CBSE many of the concerns raised by parents were put down by the board by making it very clear that the recently bought in CCE system will have the same and equal status as those taking the board exam. The students who have decide on for the CCE system will not have to appear in the board exam, but they will have an internal examination which will be carried out by the school. And as of next year onwards, the CBSE will not have any board exam for Class X.

Even after the preliminary disorders and anxiety, the parents of CBSE students had responded positively to the new reforms bought in by the Board. In Kerala alone the response was up to 90% in various CBSE schools. The Kerala state had the highest percentage rate compared to other states in the country, as per the CBSE. On a National wide, almost 67% of students from the CBSE have opted not to take the Xth board exam. The CBSE board has declared that the CCE has turned out to be extremely successful in the initial year of its implementation as the majority of the students have decide on not to take part in the board examinations.

This shows the rate of faith and belief in the CBSE system by majority of parents and students. The students who are appearing in either the Board exam or the internal exam will receive a certification from the CBSE. The result will also be announced by the board itself. The CBSE board has also made it clear to the parents and the students that there will not be any sort of dissimilarity in the certification between the board exam takers and the internal exam takers.  Within the short period of implementation of the CCE system the Class X Board exam has by now turn out to be irrelevant as it stands only as a subsequent summative assessment method.


Clearing up the inappropriateness of the board exam further on the CBSE board has mentioned that, a student appearing in the Class X, would have already gained a pass grade as 60 or above percentage through the formative and summative assessments which is internally done as per the CCE. Previously the students and parents had a hurdle during the board exam. But now after the CCE system in place the students along with their parents seem to be overflowing a sigh of relief with the elimination of Class X board examination in the CBSE.

Until now the board exam used to be a stumbling block for students as well as parents alike, both in academic terms and psychological terms. The board exam is a crossroads in a student’s education life. But with the implementation of CCE this perception has started to vanish slowly. Even though this will take more time to change the mindset of a parent completely.

The CBSE has come up with the CCE after a lot of research. With the scrapping of Class X board exam from next year onwards, the students and parents will have to follow the strict rules and regulations of the CBSE. It is seen that the CCE system has given way to a lack of discipline among a small section of students and parents. They have plunged into a relaxed mood with the elimination of the Class X board exams. This lack of seriousness regarding the studies is the only worries faced by the board at present.

Genuine concerns

As per observation, fair shares of students still have to take in the true spirit of the CCE. The CBSE has purposefully eliminated the Class X board exam as to reduce the constant pressure off the students during the board exam period. But intention of the CCE system is being misrepresented and misused by a certain group by not being serious about studies at this point.

As the CBSE planned, reducing the pressure or somewhat of relaxation may be the abrupt consequence of the new reforms. The board is hope full that with time the CCE scheme will have a positive long term result.

The parents of the students in the CBSE board have some other worries. Few of these worries state that, the students who have high scores in couple of subjects will not be able to retain their excellence under the CCE system. It is possible that the students who are smarter can do better than the bookworms under the CCE system.

Changes in Class X CBSE

Changes in Class X CBSE

As per the CCE system, a student who wishes to score top grades in a language subject will have to do well in different areas like debate, role play, histrionics, essay, presentation etc. The students will have to develop their skills in different areas, than just memories or mug up the given syllabus. This is one of the main attractive additions of the CCE system in the CBSE. There has been further request from the parent’s side stating that the CCE system must also be implemented from VIII and also IX and continued in the X standard. If this proposal comes in to practice then it will be another step which will make the CBSE education system more flexible. The CCE system was put in to practice as to empower the learners. This move is one of the most thought full initiatives from the side of CBSE.  With the successful implementation of the CCE system, the CBSE is also planning to overture new courses in fields of mass media, fashion and design, travel and tourism as a part of the curriculum of school students.

Wide assortment of choices

It is for sure that students have different aptitude levels and interests. Not all the students are expected to go for medicine courses or engineering courses. Students must have a range of options available regarding higher studies according to their personnel taste and preference. The CBSE has come up with a battery test known as the Students Global Aptitude Index (SGAI). This has received huge response in the initial stage itself. The SGAI is a tool which will help the students to measure their aptitude by grouping various interests. This test will help them to select the right path as far as future studies are concerned by providing a clear road map which is realistic and favorable.

The SGAI will empower the students self knowledge regarding aptitude and interest. The SGAI will also enable the child by offering precise information about various subject choices. With the new system in place, the CBSE board aims to optimize potential and satisfaction along with increasing the motivation level of students.



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