Difference between a Gynecologist and Obstetrician


Although Gynecology and Obstetrics are related fields of study concerning with the female reproductive system, both are entirely diverse streams of study and work atmosphere. Gynecologists are therapeutic physicians who are specialized in diagnosing and providing treatments to the diverse ailments of the female reproductive system, which consists of organs like vagina, uterus and ovaries. On the other hand, Obstetricians are doctors who carry out diagnosis, treatment and other procedures associated with pregnancy, labor and post-childbirth.

Gynecology courses and career opportunities

Many Universities and medical institutes all around the world offer the Gynecology courses. In order to become a Gynecologist, candidates have to pursue the DO or MD course in Gynecology. Aspirants who have completed the 4-year MBBS program and the one-year internship subsequently can pursue the postgraduate programs in the significant fields. They should study the program from a recognized medical school then only they can become a Certified Gynecologist. After completing their Gynecology course, these physicians can seek out for jobs in Government or private hospitals, clinics and so on. Most of the Gynecologists work in maternal-fetal medication, critical care medicine or in reproductive endocrinology departments.

Obstetrics courses and career opportunities

Obstetrics is an extensive field of study that has many specializations. There are graduate, postgraduate as well as diploma programs in Obstetrics. Medical Physicians, after completion of their MBBS program specialize in their interested subjects in Obstetrics so as to become an Obstetrician. On completion of their course, these professionals can look out for career in health care, medical institutes, research laboratories and so on. Those who have interest in teaching can work as Gynecology lecturers in medical schools or institutes.

Key differentiators between a Gynecologist and Obstetrician

  • Gynecologists focus in the treatment of ailments pertaining to the reproductive system in adult girls and women whereas Obstetricians analyses and adopt methods for curing the problems concerning with childbirth and its course.
  • Gynecologists are concerned with the initial stages of pregnancy whereas Obstetricians concentrates on the advanced stages of pregnancy.

An Obstetrician compliments a Gynecologist so as to give support to the delivery process. Both Gynecologists and Obstetricians collectively work to make a birth successful.



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