Difference between Periodontology and Orthodontics


Dentists are medical physicians who are licensed to pursue all subspecialties of dentistry. Both Periodontology and Orthodontics are subspecialties of dentistry. Periodontologists are doctors who are concerned with analyzing and providing treatments to the gum-related infections of individuals. In contrast, Orthodontists are professionals who are specialized in braces, clear aligner therapy, and appliance therapy and so on. They are specialists who deal with rectifying and correcting tooth related problems of individuals like dental implants, straightening of tooth and so on.

Periodontology Courses and Career Opportunities

To become a Periodontist, aspirants have to pursue the MDS program in Periodontology. They are supposed to complete the graduation program in Dental Surgery so as to be eligible for the postgraduate course. In their daily affairs, Periodontologists provide treatments to patients suffering from severe gum infections and other complicated periodontal cases. On completion of the Periodontology courses, these practitioners can seek out for career in sanatoriums, medical institutes, Government Health Care departments, clinics and so on. Having a doctoral degree in Periodontology, they can also carry out research and development in the respective areas.

Orthodontics Courses and Career Opportunities

Orthodontics is a branch of Dentistry, which has wide scope within the country and abroad. Many global Universities and Dental institutes offer the Orthodontics courses. However, these programs are available at postgraduate levels only. The Master of Dental Surgery course with specialization in Orthodontics equips an aspirant to work as an Orthodontist. Only those who have a BDS degree will be eligible to study the MDS program in the concerned areas. These dentists perform a wide range of activities as part of their daily treatment process that includes precautionary, interceptive, curative and surgical measures. Orthodontists can search out for employments in practitioners in private or international hospitals or as lecturers in Universities. Most of the Orthodontists carry out private practice by starting clinics or health care centres, as it is more profitable.

Key differentiation between Periodontology and Orthodontics

Periodontologists are medical practitioners who provide treatments to the tooth gum-related ailments of patients whereas Orthodontists rectify the tooth-related problems of individuals, which in turn help to improve the appearance of the face.

Periodontologists are physicians who are specialized in Periodontology whereas those who have studied Orthodontics at postgraduate levels can become Orthodontists.

Although Periodontology and Orthodontics are medical doctors, who are specialized in dentistry, their area of studies and their work profile varies to a larger extent.



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