Difference between Earth Sciences and Environmental Science


Even though Earth Sciences and Environmental Science sounds similar, both are poles apart. Earth Sciences are concerned with the study of the planet earth as a whole. However, Environmental Science is an integration of physical and biological science and it deals with the study of the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment and the positive and negative effects on living systems.

Earth Sciences courses and career opportunities

Earth Science is an enormous field of study that encompasses so many subdivisions. Oceanography, Geology, Astronomy and Meteorology are its four main branches. As there are many Bachelors’ and Masters’ programs in diverse disciplines of earth sciences, aspirants can study their preferred course in earth sciences. In addition to the short-term courses in the relevant fields, there are M Phil and PhD programs in earth sciences. They should study the course from a recognised University.

After completing their program, professionals can search out for jobs in Government and private sector. Their career opportunities are according to their area of study in earth sciences and the specializations they have taken in the relevant fields. They can seek out for career in mining industries, laboratories, Space research organizations and so on.

Environmental Science courses and career opportunities

Different Universities and institutes offer many courses in Environmental Science. Aspirants can study graduation and post graduation courses in Environmental Science. Those who have done the PhD programs in the relevant fields carry out research and development activities. Environmental Microbiology, Geosciences, Environmental Chemistry, all come under Environmental Science. Aspirants can study their preferred programs in any of the different streams in environmental science.

A graduation is a minimum pre-requisite for the entry-level careers in environmental science. Professionals working in the fields focus mainly on issues like environmental pollutions, Ozone layer depletion, Melting of Ice in the Artic Circle that may adversely affect the mankind. Those who have studied the different programs in environment science can search out for employments in environmental protection agencies, geological institutes, arbitraries, and museums and so on.

Key differentiators between Earth Sciences and Environmental Science

  • Earth Science is mainly the study of the different layers of the earth whereas Environmental Science is concerned with the study of environment, which is the top most layer of the earth.
  • The former focus more on the existence of the life on earth whereas the latter concentrate on the ways to protect it.

Although Earth Sciences and Environmental Science are entirely different streams of study, these sciences have helped us to know about the past, present and hidden future of the earth.



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