Difference between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management


Although Human resource management and Personnel management are subdivisions of management, both are entirely different areas. Human resource management is the intentional and articulate approach to the management of an organization’s most treasured assets - the employees who independently and cooperatively contribute to the accomplishment of the objectives of the business establishments. However, Personnel management deals with finding, using and maintaining a contented workforce. It is a noteworthy part of management concerned with employees at work and with their connection within the organization.

Human resource courses and career opportunities

There are different undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Human resource. Various Universities and institutes offer these programs. Aspirants can also pursue MBA taking specialization in HR. On completion of these courses, aspirants can seek for career in public or private sector. To enter in to any Government sector companies, these professionals should acquire 5-10 years experience in addition. Since each and every company needs a Human resource manager, they have much scope within India and abroad. These professionals can get employments in the top most positions of companies.

Personnel management courses and career opportunities

As there are various courses in Personnel management, aspirants can choose among the Bachelors’ or Masters’ programs in the significant fields. Those who are willing to become research analysts in the field should pursue the research programs in any of their interesting topics in Personnel management. A graduation in personnel management is required to get the entry-level jobs in the respective areas. Those who have pursued post graduation in the concerned fields can directly seek for the pinnacle positions in multi-national companies or otherwise.

Key differentiators between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management

Human Resource Management assists better litheness while Personnel management set rules and regulations within every organization. In a management sense, personnel management comprises of measures, reliability and control while HRM management actions take account of business requirements, flexibility and dedication. Human Resource Management treats public as a resource or as an asset, which should be issued for the benefit of an organization whereas Personnel management is carried out in accordance with the welfare of organization. The former is an integral part of the overall execution of the affairs of a company whereas the latter is an independent task of an organization.



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