Difference between MA in humanities and MBA in HR


Both MA in humanities and MBA in HR are postgraduate level courses related to human resources. The courses are offered with in duration of two years. Both the courses are intended for the well being and development of human beings. They act as the necessary eligibility for one to get into higher study programs such as M. Phil or PhD or to obtain a lucrative career in their area of interest. Apart from these similarities, there exist certain dissimilarities between both of them.

MA in Humanities

MA in humanities deals with the study of the philosophical, psychological and sociological factors related to human beings. The same includes study of the history and literature of the past. It gives importance to critical thinking, creativity, and rights and responsibilities of the individual in the society. Those who have completed the bachelor’s degree in arts are eligible to undergo M.A course in Humanities. After completing the same, one can get in to the role of teacher, Editor, researcher, etc in firms offering the same.


MBA in HR deals with the management and maintenance of human resources to produce the desired results. The course study helps one to gain enough skills on how to plan the human recourses to obtain the optimum result. The course study mainly covers areas of recruitment, training, placement, labor relations, employee grievance handling, etc. The same allow one to get employed with the HR department of public or private sector enterprises.

Key differences between MA in humanities and MBA in HR

  • MA in humanities imparts one with enough knowledge as how to understand and communicate with each other where as MBA in HR helps one to obtain relevant skills on how to manage human resources in order to make optimum output.
  • MBA in HR is a professional degree course where as MA in humanities is a conventional course.
  • The educational qualifications required to undergo both the courses are different. Bachelor degree in Arts subjects are necessary to undergo the postgraduate degree in humanities where as graduates in any stream are eligible to undergo the MBA course.

The career options and the nature of job provided by both the courses are entirely different.



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