Difference between Paleontology and Archeology


Although Paleontology and Archeology are subdivisions of History, both are entirely different streams of study. Paleontology is the study of fossils, the dead remains of plants and animals. However, Archeology is concerned with the study of the ancient people, their culture and way of life.

Paleontology courses and career opportunities

Paleontology is vast area of study. Various Universities all through the world offer a wide range of courses in Paleontology. Some of the Paleontology courses include fossil chemistry, sedimentation, fossilization, geology and evolutionary biology. In addition to the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Paleontology, there are M Phil and PhD programs in the respective fields. Those who studied the post graduation courses in the concerned areas can turn out to be Paleontologists. These professionals have wide scope in India and abroad.

Archeology courses and career opportunities

There are various courses in Archeology that an aspirant can pursue. Archeological studies have helped us to know about the antique life style. There are Bachelors’ and Masters’ programs in Archeology. Aspirants who have completed the PhD programs in archeology can work as research analysts. Archeologists can seek out for career in museums, archives, and in research institutes. They can also work as lecturers in educational institutes. These professionals can also search out for employments in Archaeological Survey of India.

Key differentiators between Paleontology and Archeology

  • Paleontology is the study of primitive life forms, whereas archeology deals with the study of the prehistoric life style.
  • Paleontologists, in their day-to-day affairs make excavations to find out the extinct varieties of plants, animals and other life forms that existed in the past whereas archeologists study the human past, like the things they used and their way of living.

Through the study in Paleontology, we are able to know about the animals and plants that existed millions of years ago. Likewise, through archeological studies, scientists have discovered the evolution of mankind. Both these branches of History have played a significant role in endowing with the historical data to the modern world. With the growth of Paleontology and Archeology, the present day’s world has benefited a lot, like to be familiar with the life, which existed centuries ago.



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