Difference between Anthropology and Sociology


The study of human beings and their behavior has started from the Renaissance. There are many fields in the study of mankind. The philosophical approach will vary in each of these studies. It may not be clear in the beginning but there are few differences between anthropology and sociology.

Anthropology and its Opportunities

Anthropology is the study of people. There are many sub divisions to anthropology. This is to incorporate all the elements of human understanding. The sub division includes Physical Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Cultural Anthropology. This study is involved in the understanding of the overall culture of a group of people. Anthropology as a whole covers social institutions, art, history, myths, and common mores etc. At present the study of Anthropologies involves in the understanding of all the societies around the world. It also includes archeology. The subject involves large amount of substantive theories and is completely based on these theories. Archeology is considered to be a softer science than sociology.

Sociology and its Opportunities

Sociology is the application of scientific approaches as to study human behavior on a social platform. Sociology involves the study of group and individual interaction. The study list out the process and pattern followed during these interactions.  The formation of organization and social group, their dealings, influential factors on individual behavior etc are the main areas in focus.  The theories of sociology are mostly based on the quantitative analysis. Polls, sampling, statistical analysis along with large collection of life histories are used to formulate theories in sociology. Sociologists make every effort to be as neutral and methodical as possible in their data collection. The analysis process is mostly governed by both government officials and market researchers.

Key Differentiators between Anthropology and Sociology

Anthropology and sociology are equally involved in the study of human behavior within the social order. Anthropology deals with the study of mostly less advanced cultures of human beings, while sociology involves in the understanding of one’s own society. At present anthropology draws an outline of the human culture were as sociology invests time and effort in analyzing data’s from a detailed study.



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