Diploma in Yogic Education


In recent times, as we all know the buzzword for being fit is to practice yoga. There are a number of universities offering courses in this discipline but there are very few who are taking up this course for reasons of ignorance of the enormous help the diploma in yogic education can be of. Though it is an Indian discipline but owing to its popularity many cross border universities have also included this in their curriculum. The students who opt for the course are specially trained to master the different forms of yoga which is of great importance when it comes to being physically and mentally fit. The best thing that this course offers is the ability and agility to sustain even the worst of times in your life without losing composure. Students of this discipline can fit themselves in any job offered to them.

Eligibility Criteria

There is no upper threshold of age for the people opting for this course though there is a lower bound of 22 years. To enroll for any course one has to be eligible in terms of the minimum criterion for marks which in this case is a mere 45% in aggregate at the bachelor’s level in any acknowledged discipline from any known and registered university. The students who are in their last lap i.e. the final year of their bachelor degree course can apply for the course.

Course Outlook

The duration of the course is one year which is further broken down in two semesters. There are a few universities which increase the duration even to two years but for part time students. If there are no universities in your vicinity offering the course you can opt for a distance learning program that is offered by many universities. The students get to learn the total theoretical aspect of yoga along with performing the same. The methods of teaching in this case are unconventional as per the need of the subject.

Job Prospect

To be eligible for applying for a job one must have a result where he has scored at least 50% in both the semesters under his belt. The scope of becoming a reader, professor or a lecturer is huge along with getting jobs of being yoga trainer or a yoga-therapist.

Best Places to Pursue

1. University of Mumbai.

2. Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India



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