Ethical Hacker - How to become an Ethical Hacker?


Ethical Hackers are computer security experts who focus on penetration testing as well as other testing methodologies. This is to ensure that a firm’s information systems are protected. These specialists in security may use various methods to perform their tests. This comprises of social engineering tactics as well as the usage of tools in hacking like Metasploit. There are many institutes that train interested candidates in India. Three programs are available in hacking for candidates to choose from. They are the Certified Information Security Expert and the Certified Ethical Hacking courses. Another course that is obtainable in hacking is the Certified Information Systems Security Professional course. It is presented by a few certified institutes in India. After finishing these courses, candidates can find jobs as Security Professionals, Security Administrator as well as Security Analysts. Moreover, many organizations like the army, government firms, multinational companies and banks in addition to financial institutions and private companies employ ethical hackers.

Qualifying Exam

Individual institutions hold their own entrance exams in hacking. Candidates who wish to become hackers should join courses in hacking. This would help to expand their understanding in the area of ethical hacking.

Who is eligible to apply?

Candidates who are applying for the degree and diploma courses in hacking must be residents of India. They must have cleared their Bachelors degree from any background with a score of 55 percent marks. The applicants must not be less than 21 years of age when they apply for the course.

How to prepare for exam and interview?

Candidates who aspire to become certified ethical hackers should have a good knowledge in computer programming languages. Candidates also must have the basic knowledge on how to write HTML programs. It is also required for the candidates to develop a reading habit. Candidates can download more information fro the internet. Since a practical test in the candidate’s proficiency in computer programming will also be included, the candidates need to practice this a lot. At the time of the interview, the candidates must give their replies in an earnest and frank manner.



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  1. 14
    sakshi jain:

    which course is better for me after bba getting 60% marks

  2. 13
    eldho k:

    i have finished +2 and computer operator and programming assistant course.i want to be a hacker.
    what more i need to become hacker?

  3. 12

    which subject choose after 10 to become ethical hacker

  4. 11
    viranjani chauhan:

    hi i m bca student and i complited my 4th sem now. and i have lots of intrest in to learn how to haking. and also teach haking so what can i do for learning haking and teaching haking???

  5. 10
    mayurraj rathod:

    Hi my name is mayurraj I have complete my 12th science and I want to became a ethical hacker so how many requirements for ethical hacker.

  6. 9
    Parag Sahu:

    all info ethical ECH

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    I Am a bca student 2nd year. I Am intrest in become a hacker. What egilibity i have please tell me

  8. 7
    yash chaudhary:

    can I learn ethical hacking security without any bachelor degree only on 12 th base

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    Rohit kumar:

    i want to join hacking.

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    Hi my name is abhijeet.. i am studying in std 12th. i want to be a ethical hacker. i have the basic knowledge in C and C++ programming languge. what more i need to become a hacker?

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    Ahaotu Kingsley:

    thanks for this forum.
    (1) what degree is obtainable at the end of the program and what is the period of the training?
    (2) i have a BSc in Geophysics with a percentage of 60%, am i eligible to apply?

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    alok kumar mishra:

    Dear sir/madam,
    I would like learn course of hacking.
    Please give me contact no. of any institute.

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    can i learn ethical hacking from internet ?if so suggest me some websites that provides full information about hacking?

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    Arun M S:

    please give information about institute these course available in India?