Difference between BCA and B Tech


Although BCA and B Tech are graduate programs, both are entirely different streams of study. Bachelor of Computer Application is concerned with software designing, data base management and operational functions with the help of multifaceted data within a computer. However, B Tech is a professional degree course, which deals with the study of engineering principles in diverse streams, which are the base for the developments in Science and Technology.

BCA Course and Career opportunities

As so many Universities and institutes all over the world offer BCA programs, aspirants can study the program from a certified institute. After having a BCA, aspirants can only expect entry-level jobs in the IT sector. Most of them pursue the MCA program after their BCA. On completion of their graduation program in Computer Applications, professionals can search out for occupation in Software companies or in IT industries. They can work as Programmers or Software developers. These professionals can also work as computer teachers in schools once they complete the BCA program.

B Tech Course and Career opportunities

B Tech is a vast field of study, which has many branches. Some of the sub divisions in B Tech are Electronics, Instrumentation, Civil, Electrical Engineering and so on. Aspirants can pursue any of their preferred courses in engineering taking specialization of their interest. Since it is a professional program, technically proficient Engineers have wide scope within India and abroad. The career opportunities may vary in accordance with the specialization they have taken in their engineering program. Engineers can seek out for employments in manufacturing companies, Aircrafts, Navy, construction companies, industries and so on.

Key differentiators between BCA and B Tech

  • BCA is Bachelor of Computer Applications whereas B Tech is Bachelor of Technology.
  • BCA is solely computer related whereas B Tech incorporates technical subjects along with computer applications.
  • The former is a degree course whereas the latter is an engineering discipline.
  • BCA Professionals can seek for career in IT industries or software companies only whereas Engineers can opt either for technical jobs or for software jobs.

Comparing BCA and B Tech, the latter is a much better course, which has reasonably good employment opportunities. The former becomes a good one with a post graduation in Computer Applications.



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    Dear sir,
    I want know about % .I had not good % in 10 and+2 career. bout now i am studying bca .can i know it’s scope for me in feature ?

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    bca or bsc computer science is best
    according to job opportunities

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    pls give me info about BCA is right way after 12th whenever i have passed 12th by ARTS

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    is bca is a non technical graduation ?
    and why ?

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    is mtech(cs) and mtech(cse) different at the time of job prospects

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    i am not at all intersted to study physics and chemistry and i am interested in computer field. now which course shoud i opt. btech or bca

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