Future after B.A in Bengali


The bachelor level degree of the graduation terms in the Bengali subjects offer great placement in the various publishing houses all across the state. However, the future still looks bleak for the candidate that have just earned there bachelor level degree and not the master level degree in the same. Thereby, the future can only be made more fruitful if the candidate has successfully earned his or her master level degree too.

Future prospects:

The candidate of the B.A in Bengali can either go for higher studies, which seems to be a more prospect full idea or can go for a job in the various levels of publishing houses. And coupled with an experience, in part time journalism media course can opt for going into the journalism sector that lead to the rise in this sector. The candidates can also provide themselves with the job opportunities in the other literature oriented sectors such as Bengali oriented magazines in which there skills can be utilized to write various articles.


With the growing trend of the literature in India and especially in Bengal, the candidate seems to experience the upheaval of the opportunities that this sector can provide. In a way, this provide an equal form of class jobs in the literary terms that lead to the outburst of the job packages as well as chances that would be required to shape up there career. Thus coupled with a master level degree and bachelor degree, the candidates of this spheres seems to having no lack of opportunities.



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2 Responses to “Future after B.A in Bengali”

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    Sangita Das:

    i finished my gredution in bengali (hons) from c.u. Now i wanted to know a job oriented couse. So pls help me and told me the details.

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    subhojit banerjee:

    i completed my b.a hons from Calcutta university and want to do a coarse from where i can get a suitable job for me…. not in interest 2year traditional m.a. please give me the way to get a suitable job for me… and please told in details, coarse name,time,coarse fee,job opportunity