Government jobs in Animal Biotechnology in India


Animal Biotechnology has made its significance felt in the global scientific circles and the main objective of this emerging scientific stream is characterization and identification of animal breeds. Animal biotechnology has a widespread and diverse applications in the areas of food quality control, analysis of milk products and milk and other animal products in addition to development of diseases-free pedigreed animal. Therefore, if you are person with great liking for animals and having veterinary science as your profession, you can go for animal biotechnology profession since it can offer a wide range of job opportunities.  Animal biotechnology implies the application of scientific and engineering principles to the production and processing of materials by aquatic species and animal species to offer goods and services.

Eligibility requirements for taking up courses in Animal Biotechnology:

To become an animal biotechnologist, candidates must completed their PG degree in veterinary science with specialization in Animal Biotechnology. For getting into the PG course in Veterinary Science, candidates must have completed their UG degree in Animal husbandry or UG course in Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry.

Aptitude needed for becoming an animal biotechnologist:

To become an animal biotechnologist, candidates must possess a scientific bend of mind with interest towards research and another import character required is patience. A person with keen interest towards life sciences can surely shine in the field of animal biotechnology and since this field has great scope in foreign countries, candidates should be ready to touch foreign lands whenever needed in their animal biotechnology career. Since the field keeps n developing candidates should keep themselves updated to keep themselves up in the competition. For doing so, they should be in constant touch with the developments taking place in the world and different researchers and their outcome. Apart from research, a biotechnologist will be required to produce bio-processed materials like foods and drugs and should be in a position to adopt measures to treat factory effluents and to check pollution. Therefore, they should possess knowledge about the production side as well.

Different job prospects available in the field of animal biotechnology:

The job opportunities available in the field of animal biotechnology can be classified under different categories like jobs in academic institutions, jobs in public sector organizations, jobs in private sector and self-employment. When it comes to jobs in educational institutions, candidates with Ph. D in animal breeding and genetics can find job opportunities as professor and assistant professors in the faculties of fisheries, veterinary and animal sciences. In private sector organizations, candidates with M. Tech/M. Sc in animal biotechnology or Master of Science in biotechnology with specialization in animal biotechnology or Master of Science in Zoology with specialization in appropriate applied branch along with industrial hands on training in biotech can find job opportunities in poultry farms and private companies engaged in animal research. Even candidates can go for self-employment option and NABARD and other nationalized banks offer financial assistance for candidates, who are looking for self-business in the field of animal biotechnology. They can also go for pet animal breeding, which is becoming a lucrative business these days and there are many livestock breeding centres, where these professionals can find jobs.

Government jobs in Animal biotechnology field:

When it comes to government jobs in this field, candidates can find job placement in state or central poultry breeding and livestock farms, NABARD, military farms, state or national dairy development board, national livestock development board, FAO, national institute of animal welfare, wild life institutions, ICMR/CSIR institutions, etc… In these government organizations candidates with PG degree in animal biotechnology can find job opportunities in the positions of officer-in-charge, farm manager, scientist and Chief Executive Officer. In government sector, many government organizations are engaged with animal health products and research.



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    can i know the jobs after M.Sc Animal biotechnology?

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