Government jobs in the field of Physics in India


Physics is a natural science that deals with the study of matter and its motion through spacetime along with related concepts like force and energy. To be more specific, physics can be broadly defined as a general analysis of nature conducted with a view to understand the behavior of the universe. It is the oldest educational discipline and perhaps the oldest through its inclusion of astronomy.

Physics intersects with a number of interdisciplinary areas of research like quantum chemistry, biophysics and the boundaries of physics cannot be rigidly defined. Since physics is the mother of all technology, engineering and sciences, fundamentals of physics is the framework on which many other sciences are built.

Benefits of good knowledge in Physics:

A good grasp in physics at higher secondary level opens new vistas in areas like agriculture, veterinary, medicine, architecture, technology and engineering. students with proficiency in physics can take up prestigious examinations like National Standard Examination in physics that leads to National and International Physics Olympaid Examinations. These exams are conducted by Indian Association of Physics Teachers under the control of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. A candidate succeeding in physics Olympiad can be assured of bright career in research and physics education from prestigious institutions like IISERs, NISER, TIFT and IISc, Bangalore and subsequently can be absorbed a scientists in reputed scientific organizations and national laboratories.

Educational qualification requirement for finding physics related jobs:

A candidate can take physics as a career, if he/she takes up science group at the higher secondary subject, which of course will have physics as a subject. Earning good marks in the physics subject at the higher secondary level will be of great use to the candidates in going for Bachelor of Science in Physics course and further after completion of UG course in physics, they can go for PG course in the same subject and even can go for Ph. D in physics. A Ph. D in physics will be of great use to the candidates in finding a lecturer job position in their favorite subject.

Jobs for Physics graduates and Postgraduates in Government sector:

If a graduate in the field of physics is interested in finding jobs in public sector, he/she can take up examinations like Indian Forest Service Examination, Indian Defence Services Examination, State Public Service Commission Examinations, Union Public Service Commission Examinations and PO examinations conducted by banks. They can also find job opportunities in Railways by taking up Railway Recruitment Board Examination. Even, they can find job opportunities in universities and colleges working under state or central government if they would like to take up teaching as their profession in the field of physics. Other main opportunity available in public sector, opportunities in the field of research in physics in government organizations engaged in research activities in physics. Therefore, physics is a discipline that offers a wide range of job opportunities in central and state government organizations.

Candidates with interest towards physics, can turn out their career to be interesting by choosing career in their own field of interest.



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