How to prepare for HR Interview?


The HR interview is carried out by the recruiters so as to verify whether the candidate has the basic skills that are necessary for the position applied by him. It is also their aim to find out whether the candidate will fit within the organization. So, the one thing candidates must keep doing over and over again is practice.

In the HR interview round, the personality of the applicant is gauged. The key thing that is to be maintained throughout is to be honest and completely frank when answering the questions. A few pointers about the HR interview are given below.

Candidates Information and Self Introduction

When you present yourself for an interview, the question that will be asked to an individual will be to talk about oneself. One needs to think carefully and answer slowly and correctly. Never make mistakes when talking. Be calm and be prepared. Never stutter. The main aim of this question is to test the language skills and ability to communicate with others. In addition to this, they will also be able to assess the general attitude, priorities and other values of a candidate.

The best thing to do is to practice talking with your friends or family. Give a small summary about your family, your personal life, what you wish for your future and other details. All this must be over within 2 minutes.

Career aim

You need to be very specific about your career and future. The panel might ask you how the job which you have applied for will help you in your career. If you do not give a judicious reply to this, you might not be selected.

Details about Current or Previous Job

When you are going for a new job, it is good to prepare a list about what you did in your previous job. You can list out the responsibilities you had in your earlier job and be specific about those details that pertain to the job profile you are applying now.

Rationale for Leaving previous Job

This might be yet another important question asked by the employer when you attend the interview. Be very careful when answering this question because if the answer does not appeal to the board, the chance of you getting rejected is quite high. In addition to this, never ever badmouth your previous employer. All you have to do is to give the reasons for the inability to continue with that establishment. A word to word description is not necessary. The reason behind this is, a generalized negative statement against any organization won’t sound good and there is a chance that if can backfire very badly.

Expectations from Prospective Employer

The one question that is asked by all prospective employers will be how much salary the candidate will expect from them. It is very much important to say a figure that is not too high and too low. Asking for a 100 percent pay rise wont be very much good idea. Think over and be careful when you answer questions like this. It definitely pays to be prudent here.

Joining Time

Be specific about the time when you will join them. It is imperative that both you and firm you are joining are okay with the date set to join. This will give you sufficient time for decision making and other settlements.



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