How to prepare for CBSE 12th Chemistry Exam?


The CBSE 12th Chemistry exam is structured in such a manner that it will prepare the students with in depth conceptual know how of the subject. This will help the students to face the challenges that lie forth in higher education. The CBSE syllabus is framed in line with the resent changes which had undergone in the subject and also the changing scenario. The syllabus of chemistry in the CBSE will meet the industry and international standards of education. Students in the CBSE will learn about many new areas in Chemistry like synthetic materials, bio -molecules, natural resources, industrial chemistry etc.

Some vital topics educated in Chemistry in CBSC class 12 include:

  • Chemical Kinetics
  • D and F block elements
  • Electrochemistry
  • P-block elements
  • Solid States
  • Surface Chemistry

How to prepare if the Chemistry Model Exam was a failure?

If the Chemistry Model exam in 12th was not as favorable as expected, then there is time and scope for students to improve themselves in the final exam.  The initial step a student must do is to stop being worried. This will only double ones stress level during the exam time and will have negative impacts. Give more importance to the Chemistry subjects and make an understanding about the subject. Get the basic concepts straight. Students will have to read the chemistry text book prescribed by the CBSE thoroughly. While reading the text book, make short note. This will help students to understand the concepts very quickly.  Students can also refer to NCERT books which will have sample question papers. It is advisable to attempt these questions after covering the entire topics. Try to solve as many sample question papers for Chemistry before the final exam. This will increase the confidence level and familiarity of the exam.

How to prepare if Chemistry Model Exam was a success?

Proper revision of the subject is a must for scoring even good marks in the Final exam. Take as many model tests and study the entire subject once more from the start. Students will get sample papers form online websites or even from book stores. Practice with these resources. During the final exam attempt to descriptive questions by giving answers in points, pictures or graphs if needed. This will enhance the visibility. Before starting to answer, have a quick scan of the question paper. For essay type question frame an outline of the answer in the margin. Answer to the question carefully and express the same in points.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the Chemistry Exam

These are a number of tips which students can make use during the exams:

  • If a student is not proficient in Chemistry, then one should start early and cover the NCERT text book very thoroughly.
  • Go very slow and study each chapter very precisely. Make an overall understanding about the scientific concepts, theory and reactions.
  • Have a follow up with a reference book to get an in-depth understanding of each topic.
  • Make sure you never miss out classes and lab experiments.
  • Clear your doubts immediately with a teacher or friends.
  • Never ignore numerical problems as it is a good way to score marks in the exam. It only requires students to apply certain formulas to get the answer.
  • Revision is very important for every exam.
  • Solve sample papers and model question papers as much as possible.

Prescribed Books for 12th Chemistry Exam

The official reference book for CBSE Chemistry is the NCERT book for Chemistry. The Part I will cost Rs. 125 and the Part II is of Rs.85 and both these books cover the entire syllabus. Another very dependable book is the Trueman’s Steps in Chemistry for Class 12. The Vol I and II are priced at Rs 550. Students can also refer to The New Course Chemistry by Pradeep for Class 12. The cost of the book is around Rs 742. Students can also get sample papers for CBSE from the official website. The sample papers are excellent source from which the students can score good marks in the exam.



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