How to study MBA abroad?


Students have options pursue MBA course abroad. It is possible for them to take admission with Universities as well as colleges in Singapore, USA, Germany, Canada, UK and other countries. But GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS scores are a must for admission. The MBA programs that are offered by foreign universities include MBA in marketing, Entrepreneurship, financial marketing, Human Resource Management and e-commerce. Other subject topics include Finance & Investment and strategic marketing.

Application Procedures for doing MBA Abroad

Aspirants can obtain their application forms by two methods. They can either request the application by email or download the application from the formal website of the university they wish to apply.

  • Requesting Application Forms via email:  It is possible for the aspirants to request the application from the website of the university
  • Download the form from the university website:  Students can also download the forms from the website of universities. These can then be used as regular forms at the time of applying

Eligibility Criteria for doing MBA Abroad

The eligibility criteria of the students will differ from one university to another.  But there are some general criteria that are required to be strictly followed:

  • The students must have finished their 3 – 4 years of education after class 10+2
  • Some universities prefer students with work experience. The work experience certificate must be submitted at the time of admission
  • The students ought to have appeared and have a good score in GMAT as well as TOEFL or IELTS
  • The students must also have a very good extracurricular background

Application Requirements for Overseas MBA Admission

The application must contain details regarding their academic records and results of the standardized tests. Academic references are a must for applying to foreign MBA programs. It must also include details concerning their work experience. A statement of intention as well as a recommendation letter must also go with the application. Candidates who have cleared the written exam will be then required to appear for an interview with the board.

List of Admission Tests to be Cleared

The students will be needed to write some tests before they get admitted into the MBA courses. They are:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT), scores of 550 plus can help in getting admission to top institutes

How to get students visa?

If the application submitted by the candidate is accepted, an offer letter will be sent to the candidate from the corresponding university. This letter will have the information about the fee and details of 1st installment. Candidates are required to return the acceptance of the offer. Along with this applicants must make the first payment to the institution. After this an electronic Conformation of Enrollment (eCEO) will be passed on to the relevant countries embassy. The candidate will also get a copy of this eCEO. A copy of this has to be then submitted by the applicant to the embassy of the concerned country for a student Visa.

Other information on doing MBA abroad

Although studying MBA abroad has all its positive aspects, there are a few negative aspects too. The fees for this course will be very high. It may cost almost Rs 20 – 30 lakhs for studying in a good business school. Because of this, the students will be offered scholarships as to give them motivation to study.  As to get these scholarships, the students will be required to appear as well as well as clear the exams of TOEFL and GMAT with very high scores.



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