IT Project Manager - How to become an IT Project Manager?


The key personal behind the planning and implementation of IT projects in an IT firm is referred to as IT Project Manager. They are responsible to design and plan the project according to the requirements specified by the organization.

The allocation of resources for the successful completion of the project also comes under the job description of the same. The feasibility of the project in terms of cost, implementation, etc also vests with these professionals. They have to send a daily report concerning the day-to-day progress of the project to the company. Upon completion of the project, it will be tested to check whether the set requirements are met. In case it is not met, the project manager insists the team to make the necessary changes in the project to achieve the same. To become a competent Project Manager one should possess adequate educational qualifications and experience in the profession.

Qualifying Exam

The candidate has to pass any of the 3 or 4-year degree courses to get qualified for the post of Project Manager. The same must be obtained with specialization either in the area of information technology or in computer science. They have to pass the recruitment test carried out by the employing firm in order to get in to the job profile of Project Manager.

Who are eligible to apply?

The candidates who have passed their graduate level programs with computer science or information technology are eligible to apply for the post of IT Project Manager. Adequate work experience in the area is much preferred for the post, since the job involves managing and guiding a team of professionals.

Key elements in the process

Obtain graduation in IT or Computer Science

Obtain adequate experience by working in entry-level positions

Search and apply for the post of IT Project Manager in any of the reputed IT firms.

Skills required for an IT Project Manager

Leadership and management qualities are prerequisite for the post of IT Project Manager. They should possess the ability to work well in teams and should be a good problem solver. Organizing and communicating skills are often preferred for professionals working in the position of PM. Good planning and presentation skills are also necessary to do well in the job.



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