Difference between Degree and Diploma


Both Degree and Diploma are awarded to an individual upon completion of an academic program. Degree courses take a longer time for completion when compared with that of a diploma course. Both of them offer theoretical and practical training to aspirants in the selected area of study. Even though, there exist a few similarities between degree and diploma they are dissimilar in a variety of ways.

Degree Courses and Opportunities

Degree courses are offered in varied subjects through different Universities or educational institutions of the country. The same allows students to pursue master studies in the concerned area or to build a career in the related industry.

Diploma Courses and Opportunities

Mostly professional courses are offered at the diploma level. This allows students to get skilled with a vocational degree with in a short time span. After completion of the course, they can go with postgraduate diploma or bachelor degree courses in the respective area of study. Those who are interested in job can seek and apply for a job in the related industry.

Key differences between Degree and Diploma

  • Degree programs are so structured that the participant is provided with training on several related subjects along with the main subject. Therefore, the candidate has to study the elective subjects along with the main ones. Diploma on the other hand gives much emphasis to the particular trade or subject, which is the main topic of study.
  • Diploma programs give much emphasis to practical sessions when compared with a degree course. Degree courses often provide equal stress to practical and theoretical sessions.
  • Degree courses are offered as a longer duration one when compared to that of diploma. The time duration for the former may be 3-4 years where as that of the later may be of 1-2 years.
  • Diploma courses are mostly offered as professional oriented ones where as degree courses are offered in a variety of subjects.
  • Those who have completed their degree course can easily get in to master’s level degree course where as the same is not possible in case of a diploma holder.

A recognized institution or University confers the degree programs to the aspirant where as diploma courses can also be offered through polytechnics or other private institutions. It can even be awarded even by autonomous institutions.



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