MBA- a course for opening foreign gates


The Master level course of the Business administration is considered as the most hyped type of course in India. However, there are ideas of looking at the course as a door opener to the foreign placements. In the end it the psychology of individual candidates that over all influence as well as pop such hysteria. Though the course has brought about the most amounts of foreign placement than any other, still it will be a very wrong statement to say that the course is strictly developed for foreign placement.


The MBA course in India has been in the news for placing the candidates in some of the most respectful as well as recognized foreign based companies. However, the over all Indian placements should also not to be omitted. The IT giant of India such as Wipro, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Infotech India and such others are creating new grounds to place these candidates in the proper environment as well as job circuit that help the to make best usage of the their potential. Thus, in the wider spectrum, facts like this are being appointed to give tough completion to the western counter part.


Thus, the statement that “MBA- a gateway to foreign placement alone” is an absurd one. The candidates are now facing towards their own gates rather then looking at the foreign shores. The candidates are placed in the Indian companies with some of the highest placed packages with salary touching the scale of one crore annually.



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    hi, i want to do mba from abroad but hearing alot of news from the people living there that these days studying from foreign university is not dat good so please sugggest me the country which is affordable to a middle class family . and please do tell about new zealand also