Foreign placement in B.Tech affected by recursion


The recent recursion the global market has severely affected the placement prospects of the individual candidates when it comes to the foreign market. The various  multinational companies that used to come in the past has ceased to enter the placement sessions of even the most esteemed as well as globally recognized engineering Institutes like the IIT’s and BIT’s. Though the Institutes are devising new means of luring these companies at their door step, but it seems to be a lengthy process.

Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Videocon, Hyundai, Samsung, Motorola, Infotech solutions, and other of the most world recognized firms have severely bore the brunt of the recursion  and thus are devouring the most recdntly placed  candidates and in return are providing compensation. As according to the recent tabloids, the total amount of ob cuts for the Indian candidates alone in the entire world famous Multi National Companies has crossed an impressive two millions in the United States alone, the rest of the world has even uglier picture to project. Thus, the overall impression of hitting the west has suffered a major back.

However, the Indian economy, having its slow growth rate has actually not suffered the kind of hit, the west is suffering. Therefore been in the forefront of placement actions, the Indian Companies are exercising every aspects to take on the best conceivable candidates that would in a very normal situation go to these multi national companies. Thus, western recursion has been proving a boon in disguise for the Indian based companies.



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    i want to know process about to take admission in from foriegn.