MBA and M.Tech are courses that have gained a lot of importance within the past few years. These courses provide interested students with good career opportunities in addition to a good environment to focus on their career. But one thing every student will be in doubt will be to whether pursue MBA or M.Tech. As both these course hold equal importance in today’s society, this is indeed a question to be pondered on.

In fact, this is one question that is always there in the minds of final year students of

Engineering. There is no simple answer for this question. One can say this with alacrity because there is simply no point in comparing MBA and M.Tech. Both these courses have their own differences and even their job scopes are dissimilar.

Which is most preferred?

To answer this query diplomatically, both the courses have their own vital roles in their own respective fields. In some places, MBA will be preferred, but this won’t be the case in other places. People might prefer M.Tech against MBA. The selection of either of these two courses is depended solely on the preferences as well as personal strengths of the student. If the case is that the students are from a science background and wish to continue their advanced education in the line of research or teaching, then M.Tech is the field for them. But if somebody wants to work with the management aspects then MBA is ideal for them.

The main question that will appear in everyone’s minds is, if both these courses have their equal importance in their respective fields, then why is the conflict on the superiority. The answer is that MBA has reached a zenith of popularity and subsequent to the introduction of MNC’s, lots of career opportunities have opened for students of MBA.  Meanwhile, people still assume that M.Tech is a conventional course and propagate this idea without knowing the fact that both are equally significant in their own fields.

Key factors

Selection of the M.Tech or MBA course depends on a few factors such as where the students have done their studies, what all they know about the course they have opted for, what they wish to do long term. And of course, last but not the least is the question on how either of these degrees will help them in their future plans.

One must understand that, it is the status of the job they choose that holds a higher position than the monetary benefits. The best example for this is that of a teacher. There are times when he might not get such a good income, but the positions he holds in the society is always a step higher when compare to other jobs. To summarize what we are talking about, one ought to feel confident about the future as well as the course one is opting. By becoming assured about your decision, one will become happy and will work hard for it without a second thought.



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18 Responses to “M.TECH OR MBA”

  1. 18

    Which one is better option for a B.Com hons. student-CA or MBA?

  2. 17
    Mansi joshi:

    I am b.tech (en) 3 yr student. My parents are saying me to do m.tech so that i can come in teaching line. But i find interest in management subjects. Is there no scope of teaching after mba so that both mine and my parents wish get fulfilled?????

  3. 16

    I have completed my MBM(Master of computer) degree from NMU,Jalgaon university & my graduation is complete in BA English I have no science background
    please guide me can I eligible for M-Tech

  4. 15

    I have completed my MBM(Master of computer) degree from NMU,Jalgaon university please guide me can I eligible for M-Tech

  5. 14
    jaydeep patel:

    MBA is Better or m.tech with respect to salary ,respect ,post and every thing you know please send me reply…

  6. 13

    sir I want asked to ask one question. what are the possibility of MCM student to take admission in M.tech Computer science ? is it possible or not in Indian university or private university and what’s their name? thank sir

  7. 12

    I have 4 years IT industry experience and currently i am in MNC.I have got admission offer from IIT kharagpur for MTECH.I am confused whether should i go for MTECH or continue with job.What is weightage does MTECH have in IT industry?
    What is scope in industry for one who is passed out MTECH from IIT and have previous industry experience?
    Please help me in this matter as sson as possible.

  8. 11

    i have completed my b.tech bio-technology,now i got confusion wheather to join in m.tech or mba….in which field i can earn more?pls reply i m waiting…

  9. 10
    priyanka mehta:

    Currently I’m putsuing b.tech(IT)-2nd year from n.c.college of engg ,israna,panipat,haryana.I’m also goin through d same dilemma -mba or mtech.Actually, I m interested in technical issues but i wanna work 4 MNC’s and would not prefer to go with teaching.plz answer my question.
    waiting for reply.

  10. 9
    Rohit Kumar:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I have complete my BE with stream INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY,I have got Agg 70% marks.Now i want interested addmit in M.Tech(CS), So plz tell me when will u declare its entrance exam. tell me its last date and more details.

    Thanks With regards

  11. 8
    smriti khanna:

    When will the Application Forms for MTECH will come?

  12. 7
    Amit Sharma:

    Dear sir/madam

    I have done MCM. Now i want interested addmit in M.Tech(CS), So plz tell me when will u declare its entrance exam. tell me its last date and more details.

    Thanks With regards
    Amit Sharma

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    i m doing b.tech biotechnology i m not interested so much in managment as in my field but nowadays m.b.a. is more popular then m.tech .can i got a good job in corporate sector after m.tech or the ph.d is must for a good job in corporate sector.plz tell me some specializations in m.tech for me is there any scope of developmental biology in m.tech.

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    mohammad azharuddin:

    sir iam doing b tech 3rd year,e c c in vivekananda institute of technology and sciences,karimnagar,andharpradesh.as it is located in a small city i donot have proper information about companies…, and iam looking for a good job after completing my course and my aggregate is 65%.kindly inform what opportunities i am going to have in future.

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    1. send me model question papers for TANCET entrance exam?

  16. 3
    Akhilesh kumar:

    I am a student of B Tech computer science 3rd year of UPTU .what should I do after B tech.
    Is there any scope in MBA after B Tech in cs. Good institution for MBA is very costly.
    What are scope after M.Tech.

  17. 2
    vasant yadav:

    i m btech biotech graduate i want to be a profesher in govt institute what r the requirments 4 this can i do mba in biotech 4 this

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    Varun C Joshi:

    how to study for iit-jee?