Need of doing M.A. after B.A. in General subjects


The master level degree in any branch of course is a far better option as compared to the bachelor degree. The general subjects offer limited opportunities and since the bachelor level degree is not been recognized as to the extent as the master’s, under taking the course at the master level is a nicer option. The course of general studies is indeed a demand full course that is creating various opportunities at the master degree.

The subject of general studies is such that it requires enormous efforts as the limited scope at the initial level gives it a inhibited aspects. Still the candidates that have under taken the master degree are recruited in various organisations that are related to the teaching for different competitive exams. The candidates are also experiencing foreign aspect that was never before realised with the bachelor degree. Therefore doing the master is indeed a more secure option as compared to just undertaking the bachelor degree. There are many so called reasons that are required for undertaking the master degree. Yet the prospect of under taking the master degree is driven by the fact of placements.

If the placement associated with the master degree is more then obviously the candidates will opt to this course as the limited scope resorts to this one last option. As a result, the demands for the general studies course increase. There are different needs, but all the reasons are driven by one particularly influential factor, placement.



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4 Responses to “Need of doing M.A. after B.A. in General subjects”

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    I wanna do my M.A degree in Hydrabad(E.F.L.U) or Delhi.i need to know what percentage should i get and if i have any entrance exams to join these particular college

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    i am stduy end in 12th arts.i am make scientist.what to do make scientist?

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    Awanish Kumar Tripathi:

    i have done B.A. with the subject Encient history,sociology and education. in final year i choosed sociology and education.please tell me can i do M.A. from english.i wish to do M.A. with English

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    i’m b.a student i’m in my final year i would like to know that what
    is the benefit of doing M.A and how much take time doing in M.A