OPJEMS Scholarship for Engineering/Management Students


OPJEMS Scholarship is an award given to engineering or management students, with an objective of promoting the academic and leadership skills in students. The scholarship amounts to Rs 1, 25,000/- for Management students and Rs 65, 000/- for engineering graduates. Selection for this scholarship program will be done through an online leadership test and personal interview.

Overview of OPJEMS Scholarship

OP Jindal group awards OPJEMS Scholarship mainly to engineering and management students who have the potential to achieve entrepreneurial and innovation brilliance. About 24 engineering colleges and 16 management institutes will actively take part in the scholarship process. The top 20 students from each academic year will be given chance to attend the specific selection process organized for OPJEMS Scholarship. The scholarship amount which is given to students is –

  • Rs 1, 25,000/- for Management student
  • Rs 65, 000/- for Engineering graduate

Eligibility Criteria for OPJEMS Scholarship

Students from both engineering and management streams are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. The eligibility criteria for both the streams of students will differ.

For Engineering

Students who come under top two positions from any of the below mentioned streams are eligible.

  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Apart from this, the top 12 students (any specialization subject stream) from each specific batch (for 4 years) are also eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

For Management

For Management student’s selection will be based on the following categories –

From 1st year batch, top 20 students will be chosen. This will depend on the entrance exam score.

From 2nd year batch, top 20 students who performed well in the 1st year course will be given opportunity to take part in this scholarship program.

Selection Process for OPJEMS Scholarship

The selection procedure followed for OPJEMS Scholarship program includes an online leadership test. The leadership test conducted will basically include a forced choice questionnaire in order to analyze the leadership behaviors of the candidate. It is essential to complete this test within 8 minutes. Those participants who pass the online test should compulsorily attend a personal interview conducted by a specified panel of experts from industry and OP Jindal group as well. Participants who obtain the high scores (both online test and interview) will be declared eligible for the OPJEMS scholarship.

Application Procedure for OPJEMS Scholarship

The application form is available in the official website of OPJEM. Aspirants can download the application form from this portal. It is essential to fill in all the required details in the application form and submit the same along with a passport size photograph. Students who got nominated from a particular institute can only participate in OPJEMS scholarship program.



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