Relax, Think Positive


“Its all in the mind”. If you think you can do it, I bet you will do it. The first pedestrial to the ladder of the “KARMA”, it so be positive.

I would beg to differ from the conventional definition of thinking as the mere wandering of the mind into the until obscure paradigms to explore or to unearth. I would rather define it to be an intentional well articulated activity to speculate or to co-relate pieces of information that can render useful and meaningful confrontations. The former I term “DREAMING” and the latter as the first step to success.

When the thinking is positive it does what it calls, to take you higher in the positive direction. It starts with:

COMTEMPLATING: Accessing what is desired of your endeavor and to be able to scan as to what your final objective would look like. And to ascertain as to how, why and what it takes you to perform and complete the desired task.

CONGENIAL HABITAT: Its rather a pre requisite for the act of positive thinking as when your surroundings are conducive to let you run your mind, it would certainly take you to the until unexplored destinations of your mind frame and would test you to stretch your mental capabilities.

INITIATIVE: The mind wanders in the horizon all the time to which I earlier referred as dreaming. Thus to put it on the thinking mode what you need is a strong initiative and a specified direction.

DETERMINATION: To initiate is still easy, but to sustain gets a little troublesome sometimes given the scope of distractions that prevails in today’s world which are definitely hard to just get by. So it is utmost important to re-iterate to the mind of what you want from it.

PERSEVERENCE: Practice makes the ‘mind’ perfect. Stay connected to the focus and remain focused to the goal all the time. Tame the mind to your orders.

Positive thinking is not hereditary, nor it is something that you would find in abundance. You will have to strive and stand strong to inculcate and imbibe it, but once you take this initial mammoth step you would see the change the ascent of your mind brings to your being and put you on to a path you never would have even ‘DREAMED’ to tread and the destination would surely be success.

ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!



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