Procedure to become a Database Administrator


Database Administrators are the professionals who install, administrate, configure, and monitor the maintenance of databases in an organization. They are required to set up database systems and supervise its performance. They are mainly concerned with effective storage of data, regular back up of data, and security of data. Database Administrators have good demand in the job market as it has wide application in all sorts of industries. Experienced professionals can earn attractive pay packet in this career.

Educational Qualification

Candidates who wish to have a career in database administration are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Management Information System from a recognized university. Under graduate courses in computer science, computer applications, form the basic qualification required for a career in Database Administration. Post graduate programmes in computer applications are more preferable for advanced positions in this sector. In addition to academic knowledge and professional degrees, candidates should have knowledge of business functions as well as good communication skills. Moreover, candidates are required to undergo several value added certification courses in specific database soft ware programmes. Certification courses conducted by Oracle, Microsoft etc. are highly valuable for career growth. There are many short term certification courses in the field of database administration.

Career path

Candidates who have completed graduation in computer science/ information technology or Management Information System along with certification courses in popular database software programmes can start their career as technical support trainee. Internships are good opportunities for them to show their skills. Candidates can seek jobs in smaller firms that use databases for day to day business.

Gradually they can earn good industrial experience and on the job training required for a skilled database administrator. With good industry experience, professionals can specialise in area of interests such as database security, database storage, according to their knowledge and level of confidence. Career growth is proportional to industry experience and professional knowledge. Database administrators can work in managerial level such as Management Information System (MIS) manager and Technology specialist officer.

Job opportunities

Most of the recruitments in database administration profiles are carried out by the private sector firms. Information Technology companies, Banks, hospitals are the major recruiters. Database administrators have good demand in all types of industries. Some of the popular firms that recruit database administrators are mentioned below.

  • Oracle Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Adobe systems
  • Sahara Hospitals
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • IBM
  • State Bank of India

Experienced professionals are paid from Rs 2 lacs to Rs.7 lacs per annum in IT industry. Database Administrators in Banking and financial service firms are earning remuneration of Rs 2 lacs to Rs 10 lacs per annum.



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