Reference Books for M.Sc in Botany Entrance Exam


M.Sc in Botany Entrance examination is conducted for admissions to the Master of Science in Botany course. Different institutions/universities/colleges offering an M.Sc in Botany conducts entrance examination which may be different from each other. The syllabus however covered in these exams is expected to be the same. Candidates can prepare for the entrance exam by having a clear idea regarding the syllabus, for which they can make use of reference books by various authors in relevant topics.

Syllabus of M.Sc in Botany Entrance Exam

The syllabus usually consists of those areas covered in Bachelor of Science in Botany. Broad areas under Botany which form part of the syllabus of M.Sc in Botany Entrance examination are.

  • Biotechnology
  • Anatomy
  • Structure of flower
  • Biodiversity
  • Cell Biology
  • Bryophytes
  • Community ecology
  • Discovery and nomenclature of enzymes
  • Ecology
  • Photosynthetic pigments
  • Cryptogams
  • Embryology
  • Genetics
  • Plant Taxonomy
  • Gymnosperms
  • Importance of water to plant lifes
  • Mendel’s laws of inheritance
  • Formation of secondary xylem
  • Medicinal Botany
  • Plants and environment
  • Microbial Diversity
  • Structure of viruses (with special reference to TMV)
  • Taxonomy
  • Morphology of angiosperms
  • Organization of the root apical meristem
  • Physiology
  • Structure and functions of cell wall and plasma membrane
  • Tissue Culture

Reference Books for M.Sc in Botany Entrance Exam

  • A Manual of Botany by Bahadur, R Acharik
  • Algae and Bryophytes by Kumareasan
  • A textbook of Economic Botany - AVSS Sambamurthy & N.S. Subramanyam
  • An Introduction of Fungi by Srivastava
  • Genome by J Perry Gustafson, Randy Shoemaker, John W Snape
  • An Introduction to Bryophyta by Rashid
  • Ecology & Environment by Majid Husain
  • A Text Book of Practical Botany by Ashok Bendre & Ashok Kumar
  • Ecology and Evolution by A P Diwan
  • A Text Book of plant Anatomy by Vashista
  • An Introduction to Embryophyta by Parihar
  • Bacteria and Mycoplasma by Purohit
  • Basic Ecology by E.P. Odum
  • Botany by Charles Kovacs
  • A Text Book of Botany by Pandey
  • Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments by G Karp
  • Agronomy by Yellamananda Reddy
  • A Text Book of Fungi by Dube
  • Botany by William A Jensen, Frank B Salisbury
  • Botany for Degree Students by Pandey
  • Diseases of Fruit Crops V.N. Pathak
  • Biological Science by N.P.O Green, G.W. Stout and D.J. Taylor
  • Cryptogamic Botany by Smith
  • Bryophytes-morphology, growth and differentiation by Prem Puri
  • Ecology by Donna
  • Fruit growing in India - W.B. Hayes
  • Ecology by N S Subrahmanyam
  • Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution by Niles Eldreds
  • Fruit Culture in India - Sham Singh, S. Krishnamurthy & Kakiyar S.L
  • Genetics and Genetic Engineering by Yount
  • Introduction to Lichens by Misra
  • Molecular Approaches to Ecology and Evolution by Rob Desalle, Bernd Schierwater
  • Plant Anatomy by Pandey
  • Plant Breeding by B.D Singh
  • Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering by P K Gupta
  • Prokaryotic Genomes by Niyaz Ahmed
  • Molecular Ecology and Evolution by B Schierwater, R Desalle, G P Wagner
  • Molecular Biology by David P Clark
  • Simplified Course in Botany by Pandey
  • Text Book of Algae by Sharma O.P
  • Molecular Biology by Freifelder, David
  • A Text Book of Algae by Kumar, H.D, & Singh, H.N
  • Text Book of Fungi by Sharma
  • Introductory Botany by Gupta
  • A Class Book of Bryophyta by Chopra
  • Introductory Mycology by Alexopoulos
  • Genomics by Annadurai B
  • Microbial life by Sistrom
  • Microbiology by Eugene W Nester
  • Textbook of Botany by Pardey
  • Introductory Phycology by Trainor
  • Viticulture in India by K.G. Shanmughavelu
  • Plant Physiology by Salisbury and Ross

Candidates can get a comprehensive overview about the topics covered in the examination by making use of these popular reference books.



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