Robotics Engineer – How to become a Robotics Engineer?


Robotic engineering is a sub specialization in mechanical engineering. The experts working in this area are called robotic engineers. They design various kinds of robots or machines and improve new applications for them. These applications are utilized in a wide range of related industries. With the advanced possibilities in computer sciences, robotic engineering field is emerging tremendously. The future of this field will definitely provides lots of career opportunities for the robotic engineers.

The robotics engineers are wholly responsible to design and manufacture the robots which will perform the traditional works done by human beings. They take the aid of mechanical, electrical engineering and manufacturing techniques to develop these kinds of robots and its applications. Their duties include analyzing designs, debugging programs, standardizing and servicing the robots and combining the robots with new mechanical devices. They also supervise other technicians and engineers.

Qualifying Exam

Students usually require at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering to get into this field. The professionals who are interested to specialize in the robotics field can pursue their undergraduate degree in any of the engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, industrial or electronics engineering. Most of the universities or colleges in India offer these bachelor’s degree programmes. The profession usually needs training in some specific areas like CADD/ CAM, hydraulics and pneumatics, microprocessors, logic, etc. Some of the institutions will offer work-study courses which helps them to gain an exposure in this field. To get into senior position jobs or for advanced career level in this field, students require a master’s degree or doctorate degree in robotics courses.

Who is eligible to apply?

Students who have pursued their higher secondary education or equivalent with Mathematics can apply for the bachelor’s degree programme in engineering. To enter in the field of robotics, they should complete their bachelor’s degree in mechanical, manufacturing, industrial, electrical or electronics engineering. They can apply for the robotics engineer job in related industries after completing this bachelor’s degree.

Key points in the process

  • Pursue pass in the 10+2 examination or equivalent with Mathematics of a recognized examination board.
  • Join a reputed university or institution that offers the bachelor’s degree in engineering in any of the specified discipline and pursue the degree.
  • Gain some exposure in this field by working with the related industries.
  • Find out for the Robotic engineer job and apply for the position.

Skills required for a Robotics Engineer

Like all other engineering disciplines, the robotic engineering is a specialization in engineering and is most suitable for those who have a keen interest to work with robots or machines that perform the human works. The robotic engineers should possess certain skills in addition to their formal engineering education. These professionals must have an in-depth knowledge in the principles and techniques involved in the concerned area. They should be able to communicate their ideas effectively and should be a good team player. Besides these, they should have good aptitude in mathematics, physics, electronics and chemistry. Computer proficiency is also essential.



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    uma maheswari:

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    Hi sir,
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    krishna reddy:

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    vaibhav patil.

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    Can I doing career in Robotics.?
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