Automobile engineering and it varied applications


Every industry has growth prospects .But when we talk about the growth opportunities in the Automobile industry, it is quite high when comparing to all the other major sectors.

The number of people who are adopting this course is rising significantly as the sector is witnessing growth in all ways. The Automobile industry is undergoing tremendous changes as a result of which the demand for this course is increasing. The presence of many national and international automobile companies in India has resulted in the growth of this industry as a whole.

The automobile industry is evolving where in many international companies are viewing India as a potential market in this field. Because of this the job opportunities in this field are also scaling up. The potential of this market is high as India is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers in case of two wheelers and three wheelers. This trend has enabled our country to get in more foreign investments in particularly in this sector.

In order to enter this field, person needs to take in a BE/B.Tech degree in automobiles. Electrical or mechanical stream students can also opt for this course by taking this as a specialization while doing their Masters.

Automobile engineering - Job Prospects

There are ample job opportunities in this field. Higher numbers of opportunities are there always in the companies which manufacture automobiles. Many foreign Automobile companies such as Volkswagen, Audi etc have started their manufacturing activities in India itself as a part of their expansion ideas.

Apart from this, ample job opportunities are also available in Private transport organizations and service stations. Defence services are one of the dominant public sectors which are open with job opportunities related to this field. One of the main advantages of this area of study is that, one can always go in for self employment. People who want to do something on their own can set up garages or automobile workshops which are involved in automobile maintenance.

The automobile engineering has a promising future for students who are into it. Job prospects are high in India as well as abroad. Middle East is one of the potential automobile job markets. Candidates can also opt for higher studies in this area such as Masters or PhD where in they get involved in research areas by exploring more avenues. The Pay package in this industry is also very high. Freshers from reputed institutions such as IITs etc will get high salary relating to their academic performances. Experience is also an important criterion while determining the pay packages.

One of the major challenges that this industry is facing is to get recognized among other prominent sectors. Steps are being taken to expand the employment opportunities to other domains too. Automobile engineering is mainly related to production, which gives the candidate an opportunity to experiment in other areas too. The course gives in different prospects to explore but it depends on the individuals to make full use of it. Since the basic work area is related to automobile sector itself, the course is trying hard to come out of that image and explore or spread its benefits to other prominent functions. It’s a hard core technology based job. The job prospects are equally good in India & abroad also, hence it paves way for more entrants to this course.



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    I’m confused! Which is a better option automobile or mechanical Engineering(in India)? Are they almost equivalent? And what would be the basic starting salary for each?can I get into an car manufacturing company after doing mech but still have the same reputation of an automobile engineer?

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    Bhushan karanjekar:

    How i can do my studies easier while doing diploma in automobile engineering

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    Ramesh kumar:

    I passed my diploma in auto.engg. In 2008,now i wants to do degree.but i am confuse to choose which branch mechanical or automobile.Suggest me.

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    aadil khan:

    I have completed diploma in automobile from the institute of motor industry chennai. now i want to complte our degree from corresspondence but no college accept my certificate so please suggest me about any cllege from where i will complete our degree.

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    i appeared my HSC exam……………
    which college i can choose????????????