Salaries after M.Tech in Chemical Engineering


Chemical processing was done manually for various industries in older days. With the advent of industrial revolution chemical processors are available for meeting the industrial requirements. Thus chemical engineering has got a great importance in chemical processing. Those who have completed M.Tech in Chemical Engineering can pursue their career in various fields of chemical processing and manufacturing. Their salaries will depend on the work location and experience.

Salaries after M.Tech in Chemical Engineering in Government Organizations

M.Tech in Chemical Engineering graduates can work as chemical engineers in various public sector undertakings like Manufacturing Plants, Fertilizers plants, Oil and Natural Gas industry, Paper Manufacturing, Atomic Power plants and Research institutes. As a fresher, they can work as probationary engineer in these organizations. Salary range for the probationary engineers will be in the range of Rs.15000/- to Rs.30000/- per month. Those who have sufficient experience in the respective field can get into senior engineer position. Senior engineers can get a salary will be in the range of Rs.35000/- to Rs.50000/- per month depending upon the reputation of the concerned organization. These graduates can also work as lecturers in any government college. They can earn a salary in the range of Rs.20,000/- to Rs.40000/-per month as lecturers.

Salaries after M.Tech in Chemical Engineering in Private Institutions

As there are several manufacturing industries in the private sector, it is easy to get job for M.Tech in Chemical Engineering graduates in the private companies. Apart from manufacturing industries, several job opportunities are available for these graduates in chemical process industries such as fertilizer, pesticides, specialty chemicals, dyes, dyestuff, paint and lubricants.  They can join any of these companies right after completing the post graduation through their recruitment process. In that case, these companies will consider them as freshers and give a salary in the range of Rs.10000/- to Rs.12000/- per month. After gaining much experience in the respective field, they can apply for the jobs which demand work experience. Experienced candidates can get a salary between Rs.30000/- and Rs.55000/- per month depending upon their work experience. Those candidates who have enough experience to get into management level position can earn a salary up to Rs.60000/- or even more per month.

Remuneration after M.Tech in Chemical Engineering Abroad

M.Tech in Chemical Engineering graduates can pursue their career in Chemical Manufacturing, Engineering Consulting, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Petroleum Refining industries in foreign countries. Those who are working as freshers in these fields can earn a salary up to 6 lakhs per annum depending upon the various fields. Experience candidates can earn a salary between Rs. 10 lakh to 15 lakh per annum depending upon their work experience in the concerned field. Salary range will be higher in the areas where there is higher cost of living.



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