Scholarship/Awards for M.Sc Chemistry Students in IITB


Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) offers different types of scholarships or awards to those students who are doing post graduation in Chemistry subject in this institute. The top scholarship/award schemes offered by IIT – B include - Madhav Pandya Fellowship Merit cum Means, Adani Award, Burjor Godrej Scholarships, Jai Prakash Book Award, Late Dr. Vasudeo Vithal Bhat Book Grant and Prof. B. L. Tembe Book Grant respectively. The qualification and stipend or grant amount for each of these schemes differ with each other.

List of Scholarship/Awards for Chemistry Students in IITB

  • Madhav Pandya Fellowship Merit cum Means
  • Adani Award
  • Burjor Godrej Scholarships
  • Jai Prakash Book Award
  • Late Dr. Vasudeo Vithal Bhat Book Grant
  • Prof. B. L. Tembe Book Grant

Madhav Pandya Fellowship Merit cum Means

This type of merit – cum – scholarship can be applied by those students who are currently pursuing the 1st year of a two year program (M.Sc in Chemistry) and 4th year of a 5 year integrated program (M.Sc –Ph.D). Students get a stipend amount of Rs 10,000/- annually as part of this scholarship scheme.

Adani Award

Adani Award is given for any of the two teaching assistants, on performance basis. Amount given under this award is Rs 2, 500/-. Awards are given after evaluating the performance of each of the teaching assistants. . It is compulsory for teaching assistants to pursue a specific course for a total duration of 2 years to become eligible to receive this award.

Burjor Godrej Scholarships

Burjor Godrej Scholarship is offered through two different schemes, which is as follows –

Scholarship for Academic Excellence – This type of scholarship is awarded to any two students pursuing M.Sc (Chemistry). One student is selected from M.Sc first year and the other from M.Sc final year. Each of these students receives an amount of Rs 5, 000/- per month.  They are selected on the basis of academic performance. M.Sc students who are able to secure the highest SPI in a semester which is a minimum of 8.5 can become part of this scheme. The total duration of this scholarship scheme is 5 months (for each semester). Those students who are able to secure the highest SPI will receive a cumulative scholarship amount of Rs 25, 000/- from the preceding semesters.

Merit-cum-Means Scholarships – As part of scheme, a total of six scholarships are awarded to students. Among the 6 students selected for awarding scholarship, 3 students are chosen from first year of M.Sc degree and the rest from the final year of M.Sc. An amount of Rs 2, 000/- is awarded on a monthly basis for a time period of 5 months. As part of this scheme, IIT senate has specified certain specific limit for annual parental income of students along with the students scoring an SPI of not less than 7.0 in each specific semester.

Jai Prakash Book Award

This award is basically given to two M.Sc (Chemistry) students who obtain the highest CPI of not less than 7.0. As part of this, students will be receiving textbooks on chemistry, worth of Rs 5,000/- per year.

Late Dr. Vasudeo Vithal Bhat Book Grant

Book grants of Rs 2,500/- will be distributed to female students studying in final year M.Sc program. The grant is given for the student with a maximum CPI obtained in the first year of the M.Sc course. Apart from this, Rs 1000/- will be given as book grant for the winning team of Chemistry quiz program.

Prof. B. L. Tembe Book Grant

As part of this scheme, students who are toppers in each specialization streams are benefitted. They are given with Rs 1000/- as grant.



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