Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Physics Papers


The SAT Reasoning test, formerly known as Scholastic Aptitude Test is a standardized test for the admissions in colleges in the United States.  This is a multiple choice test, which is organized by The College Board, based on which the students are judged on their knowledge before admission in various colleges.

Paper Description:

Candidates appearing for SAT should have a well grip over physics. The questions mainly challenge the candidates in the field of mechanics, electro magnetism, kinetic theory, thermodynamics and modern physics. The major questions appear from the mechanics and electromagnetic theory.

Frequently asked questions:

•    Few highlighted topics and important questions appears form the following topics:
•    Numerical on the working principal of pulley and incline plane;
•    Numerical on Thermodynamics, calculation of latent heat;
•    Numerical on electromagnetic theory, problems on Maxwell’s rule.

Paper pattern:

The Sat Physics consists of a total of 75 questions, which are divided into two parts. Part A and Part B.

Part A, consists four groups each having two to four questions, i.e., the entire group consists of twelve to thirteen questions. The questions in one group relates to a single situation only. Five possible answer choices are given before the questions appear. An answer choice can be used once or more than once or not at all in each group.

Part B, consists of the last 62 to 63 questions, where each questions have five possible answers with one correct answer only. Some questions may appear in groups of two or three.
The total time allotted for the completion of the test is one hour. The students get 1 mark for every correct answer and lose ¼ marks for every wrong answer.

Recommended books:

Concepts of Modern Physics, by A.  Beiser
Thermodynamics, by P. Tipler and R. Llewellyn

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