Selecting the Right Research topic makes it easy


We are living in a highly competitive world and all the economies are focusing towards development. It becomes very crucial to take up the new challenges and adapt the changes happening in the technology driven world. For the past many decades India is thriving as one of the developing countries. The developed counties are identifying India and China as the fastest moving economy and hope they will be in the developed category within another 6 to 8 years.

India has many advantages like manpower, strong democracy, good investors etc. but we have our own weakness also, such as lack of initiation, economic imbalance and high cost of living. But the positive thing is that the Government is able to manage the whole system and we are moving towards the projected growth rate 9.5%.

Research and Development is the key word towards growth and development. There are many examples across the globe for this and the latest union budget reveals India’s intention to achieve the projected rate by giving more emphasis on the research area. Our country always lagged behind other countries when it comes to our focus on research. It is true that we can’t make differences all of a sudden; especially researches need time, commitment and patience. So the Government along with the support of the institutes like CSIR, ISRO, IISc etc. have made policies to attract the youth to take part in the research process.

Now even in the academic level, research process, whether it is primary or secondary, is getting importance and most of the universities are making it as the part of the Post graduate programs. Looking forward at the national objective the prominent institutes like IITs are insisting research in the graduate level too.

Only basic research is done at academic level. In the graduate and post graduate level they only have to study a selected topic and they need to submit a report based on the studies. The students are evaluated on the basis of the thesis work and its presentation.

But when we analyze the present situation the students are facing a real problem in identifying the suitable topic for them, rather than analyzing the result or writing the thesis. Selecting a right topic is a crucial part in the research/project work since it determines the success and quality of your effort. When you are taking a project you should have sufficient scope of work. It is preferable that you should not have a topic that is either too general or too narrow. We know that naming is an important part in every field and it is not so easy, but if you are systematic you can find that it is not too hard as well. Here are some tips for the research aspirants which will help you while selecting a topic for study.

Do your Groundwork

It is very essential for all aspirants to do their groundwork before the research works get started. One should have a proper homework before going with the actual work. If something seems interesting to you don’t leave it just like that, note it down. You can have your groundwork before one or two months before the submission of the topic. In most of the academic project/research you have to select a topic under a particular domain. So you can go through the newspapers, can do browsing and observe the external world, with regard to each subject. These observations and works will help you to develop an attractive scope of study.

Identify your area

In a subject there are wide areas one can do their research work. If you are a science student your availableoptions are huge and you have to find the exact area of your study. But in each area/subject everybody have their favorites. When you are doing a project or any research work try to find a topic from the favorites. This will help you to keep your enthusiasm and motivation level high while studying. Here is a common tendency among the people to take the most difficult topic for studying hoping for a better impression from the evolution panel. But it is a common misunderstanding that the panel will gave consideration for the difficult topic. Your work and the way of doing the same is getting evaluated not the toughness of your topic. If you take a simple and easier topic for you, you will be able to manage your studies and can go for the excellence.

Examining the topic

When you are selecting a topic for the research work you should be able to examine the topic, considering all the pros and cons. You should be critically examining the topic before finalizing on that. You should be able to identify the relevance of the topic for you and others. You can contact to your peers to do the critical analysis on the topic. It is more effective that somebody else is examining your work because it is a human tendency to see the positive in ourselves and negative in others.

Go by Guide’s word

You will definitely have a guide for helping you to do the project work. He is also an important factor determining the success of your work. You should carefully select the guide who has the expertise knowledge in your study area and having valuable experience. You should follow his suggestions and clear all your doubts when ever it arises in your mind. He will direct you what is the next step in your work and will support you to have an effective delivery of the study work.

Talking to other people who have done research in the same area will also horn your selection of thesis topic. You should have an in-depth thought on the topic and develop a core idea which is not explored by many. Since in our nation the research works do not have a long history, so in most of the interested area, you can have a fresh idea which will make your work a unique one. May lot of people are doing the research on the same topic, it is your innovative nature make the work attractive to the people and also your analysis mind fetch will break all the unknown territory in the research world. You should always keep an attitude to make your work unique and comprehensive…



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    Nitin Pathak:

    Pls suggest me some topic on ” Evaluation of Union Budget of India” which includes Tax , expenditure Borrowing Defecit

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