Tamil Nadu Board Higher Secondary Geography Papers


Geography is an optional paper among Home Science, geography and Commerce. It is a very important as well as an interesting subject. It deals with not only a mere knowledge of the globalisation but also instills in the students an idea of the vast geographical resources throughout the world.

Why this subject has been included in higher secondary curriculum?

It helps us to know things around us including the conventional as well as the non-conventional resources and how to utilize them. It gives us an idea about different places on the earth and also the lifestyle, culture, climate and vegetation. It is a scoring paper for the students and they should opt for this paper as it gives them valuable info about the geographical facts of the earth.

What Question Paper Pattern is followed by the Board for this paper?

There are four sections and they differ in the type and word limit imposed on the questions. Section A consists of twenty compulsory objectives and twenty Fill in the Blanks each carrying one mark. Section B comprises fifteen questions out of which only ten are to be answered, each question carries 10 marks.  In section C students have to answer five out of eight questions, eight marks each. In section D all four questions are compulsory, each carrying 20 marks each; each of the four questions has two choices.

Which questions are common almost every year?

Questions related to the geographical features of the earth such as the crust mantle and the core. Continents and Countries, different water resources, different types of fuel including conventional; and non-conventional, different crops grown throughout the world and what are the climatic factors that support their cultivation.

How much time and marks are there for this paper?

A maximum of 200 marks is set for the paper and 3 hours are allotted for the paper.

Which books you can refer?

  • A dictionary of geography by Susan Matthew
  • Geography by Together Publications
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