Tamilnadu Board Higher Secondary Psychology Papers


Psychology is behavioral science and deals with the mental processes. Psychology studies the mental functions of various individuals and draws conclusion based on some facts. Psychologists can help to solve problems due to various human activities. Psychologists study the nature of any individual by asking them some general questions with which they can draw conclusions about his nature and mental condition.

Psychology in Higher Secondary

Psychology has been included in Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Board for the students of the Arts Stream. The subject teaches various laws governing the mental nature of individuals, various concepts like perception, emotion, motivation, personality, cognition, brain functioning, behavior, attention, phenomenology etc.

Paper Pattern

There are 4 sections in this paper and total of 200 marks are divided into these 4 sections. Section A has 15 fill in the blanks questions of 1 mark each and 15 choose the appropriate answer from the 4 options given questions of 1 mark each. Section B has 20 questions of 3 marks each and students have to answer each question in not more than 4 sentences. Section C has 8 questions of 10 marks each out of which 5 are to be answered in not more than 15 sentences. Section D has 5 questions of 20 marks each and students have to answer only 3 questions in not more than 2 pages each.

Frequently asked Questions

Most of the questions are being asked from memory and forgetting, like explain short term and long term memory, causes of abnormal forgetting, nature of forgetting, Norman Concept about forgetting etc. Other topics which seem to be favorite amongst the teacher and examiner fraternity includes principles of mental health, Pavlov’s experiment, theory of Canon – Bard, Kretschmer’s classification of personality etc.

Time Allotted

Time allotted for this paper is 3 hours and no further extension is given in any case.

Tips for the students

The paper is very much scoring as there are many objective questions. Also if a student can select questions wisely, he can score good marks in this paper

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    Sir, Please inform me the details of schools having Psychology in higher secondary levels in Tamilnadu