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“Test of English a Foreign Language” is a test aimed at evaluating the proficiency in English of people whose language is not English. The institutes in the USA and Canada, nearly 2400 in number, look for TOEFL score for giving admission. In the countries where the language of instruction is English, this test is considered.
In India the test is conducted as a computer based exam.

The USA based “Educational Testing Service” (ETS) develops the test. The appointed agency of ETS in India is “Prometric Testing Services Pvt Ltd”.

Test Pattern:

Around the globe the test is conducted as two different sets- TOEFL internet based test (IBT) and TOEFL paper based test (PBT). Both the scores are treated equally and there is no difference between the two tests. The exam pattern of the TOEFL-IBT is mentioned below.

TOEFL Internet Based Test consists of four sections which are listed below.
a. The first section is Reading which measures the ability of the candidate to understand reading matter academic in nature.
b. The second section is Listening. It measures the ability of the candidate to understand the type of English used in universities and colleges.
c. The third section is Speaking. As the name suggests it measures the speaking ability.
d. The last section is Writing. It is aimed at measuring the ability to write English which is apt for course works of universities.

There is a break of ten minutes after the first two sections. The sore is ranged from 0 to 300.

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