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TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test is basically conducted to test the proficiency of an individual in English language. The test is basically done in four aspects. These four aspects are: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Learning.

TOEFL is a worldwide recognized test used by majority of the universities and institutes throughout the world where English is the primarily teaching language. For most of these universities an appropriate score in TOEFL is compulsory as one of the requirement for admission.

The exam is designed to provide a green light for the final admission in most of the foreign Universities. This elite foreign based exams enables the candidates to attain the final admission as most of the Universities in foreign except the TOEFEL certificate, specifically those in which the primary language in which the teaching is conducted in English. The exam therefore is conducted on a worldwide basis and enables candidates to undertake admission in his her favorite foreign based Universities. The score for the exam can be extensively used for a window of two years as the score is valid within that duration. Most of the candidates from India undertake this exam and usually comes out with flying color to undertake admission in these Universities.

A large number of students in India who want to pursue higher studies in English universities and institutes in foreign countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc take TOEFL. TOEFL is managed by Educational Testing Service (ETS) which also conducts GRE and other such examinations. The test is offered as either Internet Based Test (IBT) or Paper Based Test(PBT) though in India only Internet Based Test is conducted. Scores for TOEFL are valid for two years.

Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be eligible for TOEFL, one has to fulfill no requirements. There is no age barrier or qualification barrier for TOEFL examination. One can appear in it anytime they want. The result of TOEFL helps one in getting admission in many universities all over the world. The scores one gets in TOEFL remains valid till 2 years.

Registering for TOEFL:

A candidate can register for TOEFL in 4 ways:

Online: To register online for TOEFL candidates can access the link: Online Registration.

By Phone: Candidates can register by phone through the phone number 0124 4147700.

By Mail: Candidates can also register by mail by sending the registration form downloaded from :Registration Form (PDF)

to the address:

Prometric Testing Private Limited

2nd Floor, DLF Infinity Tower - A

Sector 25, Phase ll

DLF City, Gurgaon

Haryana 122002


Tel: 91-124-4147700

Fax: 91-124-4147773

In person: Candidates can directly register at the TOEFL resource centers which are listed in the following link: TOEFL resource centers. The candidates can avail the following link to earn a detailed knowledge about the facts as well as where about of the centers.

Cost of appearing in TOEFL is $165(~Rs. 8100).

Candidates have to choose a test date from the list of available test dates after registering for TOEFL. TOEFL is conducted throughout the year. The candidates have the especial privilege of choosing both the date as well as center, and thus can be termed as a unique feature of the exam itself. The exam is itself one of the eligibility criterions to pertain admission in most of the foreign based universities.

Some of the top level Universities considering TOEFL:-

• University of New South Wales, Sydney

• Victoria University, Melbourne

• Oxford Brookes University, Oxford

• Abu Dhabi University, Abu Dhabi

• Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville

• Columbia Southern University, Orange Beach

and there are many other universities considering TOEFL as a part of the admission procedure.

TOEFL examination pattern:

TOEFL consists of 4 sections:

Reading(60-100 minutes, 36-70 questions)

Listening(60-90 minutes, 34-51 questions)

Speaking(20 minutes, 6 tasks)

Writing(50 minutes, 2 tasks).

All these sections are of scale 0-30 and the total test scale is 0-120.



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  1. 61
    aayush yash:

    does M.I.T considers toefl results and what are d ways in which i can get there?

  2. 60

    sir, i am 34 yrs old presently working as in bihar & i want to study in USA . am i eligible there ?

    thanking you,

  3. 59

    sir, i am 34 yrs old presently working as in bihar & i want to study in USA . am i eligible there ?

    thanking you,

  4. 58
    Mr. Lungawiruo Khawbung:

    I wish to know if online Exam for Toefl is possible. I am now living in Manipur.

  5. 57

    after giving toefl what corses are offered to use??

    can we get admission to a MBA course in INDIA if we score good in toefl??

  6. 56

    when is the last date of TOEFL on september?

  7. 55

    sir can u help me by telling me about tofel recongnised which countries and in which institutes mainly i want 2 know about Australia university.. fees also… plz send me on my emal ID [email protected]

  8. 54

    sir is toefl is valid to do ms in canadian universities…….i want to do ms in canada…am a pharmacy gradute i was willing to do ms pharmacology in canada sir……..can u give me information about this sir…….

  9. 53

    Does the institute from where we study B.E./B.Tech matter to pursue higher education(M.S./M.Tech)abroad through entrance exams like GRE and TOEFL? I mean , does admission to institues abroad solely depend on our TOEFL/GRE score, or they also see from which institute have we completed our B.E/B.Tech.?

  10. 52

    my question is that i want to study TOFEL in india and right now i am in afghanistan so how can i get the adminssion in india so can you tell me about my poroblm

  11. 51
    olaitan ogundipe:

    what is the cut off mark in toefl examination and the requirments in universities

  12. 50

    if i cleared toefl how many years its valide

  13. 49

    if once i cleared this tofel means can i join any time ,any year in foren universitys

  14. 48

    I want to know that when the results of TOEFL will be announced which was held on 14th May 2011.

  15. 47

    what is the next date of toefl 2011? after the the march 11 2011, what is the next date

  16. 46

    When is the result for march 11 2011 toefl exam going to be out

  17. 45

    can you please informe me about the dates of teofl exams of march 2011 in gurgaon,haryana and the locations?

  18. 44

    is TOEFL necessary for us universities?

  19. 43

    when will TOEFL be written in this year for admission in universities in U.K

  20. 42

    what are the procedures to get the registration form

  21. 41

    1.How many times can we appear tofel exam?
    2.UK or US English?

  22. 40

    tofel recongnised conutries and in which institutes

  23. 39

    how much time it will take for preparing for toefl?

  24. 38

    I need to know list of countries that are exempted from the TOEFL test.

  25. 37

    how to get free edmissio in toefl colleges

  26. 36
    pragati jain:


    Had a query. What kind of questions come in speaking and writing section?

    Thanks in advance..


  27. 35
    pragati jain:


    Had a query. What kind of questions come in speaking section and writing section?

    Thanks in advance..


  28. 34

    what materials are suggested to achieve good results in toefl test?thank you

  29. 33

    Hi I have one question. Is TOEFL Valid for Canada?

  30. 32

    when will toefl 2011 exam come?

  31. 31

    Sir, Would you please advise that, what is the minimum passing marks or how many band have the candidate should obtain in the examination?
    In how many attempt the candidate clear the examination?

  32. 30

    Please when is next toefl going to be conducted in this year 2010

  33. 29

    thank you for giving information

  34. 28

    please tell me about the syllabus for TOEFL, about the study material,wht kind of books that i prefer for TOEFL, test dates. Is it valid for FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY in USA?

  35. 27

    I want to know the entrence exam fee & what its use in career

  36. 26

    how to prepare for tofel exams

  37. 25

    can i know when the tofel exam will be conducted every year?

    and one more for taking M.S in us is toefl is enoughf or we have to write GRE also please inform me as early as possible

  38. 24

    Can you please mail me the exact test pattern of toefl test in detail for every section?

  39. 23
    karena akhtar:

    please tell me about the syllabus for TOEFL, about the study material,wht kind of books that i prefer for TOEFL, test dates. Is it valid for FERRIS STATE UNIVERSITY in USA?

  40. 22
    parveen dahiya:

    what is the syllabus for TOEFL test and from where we can get the dates, on which this test is going to be held? Also I wanted to know the best method to prepare for this test

  41. 21

    is it valid TOEFL for canada PR??

  42. 20

    previous years samples papers of sat1 &2 & of toefl

  43. 19

    Please tell me TOEFL is valid for PR in canada?

  44. 18

    wat kind of books should i refer to prepare for toefl

  45. 17

    i want to know ,how i should prepare for toefel .

  46. 16

    i want to what kind of materials should i study for clearing toefl and sat? And which books should i refer?

  47. 15

    i just wanna know wat kinda materials am i to use as study materials
    could u pls suggest

  48. 14
    brij kishore:

    i just want to know that what topics i can read to qualif m toefl exam and what stud material i can prefer to read.

  49. 13
    what are some topic for the preparation to take TOELF?:

    I would know some specific topic for this test?

  50. 12

    hey there!

    Could you tell me where I can access the last year’s TOEFL question papers? Especially the ones in October, 2009. Do reply ASAP.


  51. 11


  52. 10


    I would like to latest study pattern which include syllabus, scoring and study material? I have barons book 2008. Is it the same test pattern?


  53. 9
    Manish Kumar:

    please tell me what are the courses offered bye various institutions?

  54. 8

    can we go when ever we want to study in foreign ,if we qualified in toefl ?

  55. 7

    ima house wife n i just want to know can i apply for toefl does age matters for toefl

  56. 6

    I am doing my final year of graduation,I want to TOEFL PBT test but I don’t have the dates for PBT test and I also don’t know the place where this test will held ,so it’s my request to send me the dates and place

  57. 5

    i am studying eng 2/4 I.T .i wwas in dileema to prepare for gre or tofel or gate or banking exams.actually i want to start my carrer in hardware but due to my bad luck i have entered in to I.T field .i would like to go out in to hardware after my it could be possible or not.can i do m.s in other core subject which woud be relevant in my further life. is it worthful or not ? want to do ?which option is correct to go?
    so that i can prepare for these exams from 2nd yr 2nd semester on wards.

  58. 4


    i want to know how u can identified student eligible for university?

  59. 3

    My son’s GRE score is 1440/1600 Toefl 116/120. He is in7th semester with Electronics & communication in IIIT Allahabad, present cgpi 9.5/10. he want to study MS in USA. PL. INDICATE the INSTITUES in Usa where he can get scholarship.

  60. 2

    I completed my diploma in fashion designing soon after tenth and i want to persue engineering in U.S.A now what are the criterias to write TOEFL exam online and can i attend the exam within this mid of august?

  61. 1
    Sarjun Ale:

    well i am at sydney and don’t know regarding toefl. i am unknown about the toefl date centres and where the exams are conducted in sydney. I too don’t know from where can i get the form and how to submit. Overall i am in need to do toefl but i am not well known about how to apply.
    So,i kindly hope that you would provide me the the information about the subject matter.
    Thanking you