Civil Services Examination: Chemistry (Paper II) Papers


Chemistry is very popular with students of science background, as an optional subject in the main examination of civil services conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. The syllabus is of degree level, but the exam is pretty tough so questions may be expected from any nook and corner of the subject. Thorough preparation of the subject is very necessary. Every year lakhs of students take this test but the seats are limited, so the completion is very high.

Of all the optional papers, chemistry is one of them. Candidates who are opting for chemistry papers have to first appear for a preliminary exam. Prelims exam is of 300 marks and contains 120 questions. All questions have four options of which only one is correct. Candidates who clears prelims exam then appear for Mains exam. The paper pattern of mains exam is given below:

The exam of Chemistry Paper II is of duration three hours and the total is 300 marks. The question paper is provided in both English and Hindi. There are eight questions in the question paper. Students have to answer any five questions, but two questions are compulsory. The questions are divided in two sections and the first question of each section is compulsory. The questions are all of equal marks and each carries 60 marks. The questions have several parts, so the total marks of a question are broken down to the smaller questions. Questions about writing notes can also be expected. All the other questions are conventional types.

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