Difference between Editing and Proof Reading


Editing deals with the course of action of selecting and working on languages, pictures, resonance, video, or film through procedures of alteration, compression, organization, and other changes in different media. However, proof reading is the process of noticing and correcting production errors by analyzing a proof summary in hand or in computer monitor.  Editing gives more attention to terminology than on the form but proof reading give much priority to the correctness of the text.

Editing and Career Opportunities

There are different programmes available in editing. Those who have completed various courses in editing can seek for career in the media, newspapers, and magazines. Those who have completed the course on film editing can work as film editors, who are an integral part of filmmaking. The professionals who have completed different editing courses have wide scope in India and abroad. They can earn excellent remuneration being editors.

Proof Reading and Career Opportunities

The candidates can opt for many courses in proof reading. Various institutions offer UG, PG and certificate programmes in proof reading. On successful completion of the programmes, aspirants can look for jobs in Government as well as private sector. They are given excellent scale of pay on entering in to career. With experience in the sector, these professionals can expect high salaries.

Key differentiators between Editing and Proof Reading

Since these two terms editing and proof reading feel similar, they have substantial differences. When concerned with a text, proof reading involves the verification of errors and correction of grammatical mistakes so as to improve effective communication. However, while doing the process of editing, the editor has to take the text as a whole and add more information that makes communication effective. The editor should also delete the unwanted information to make it accurate. Hence, it can be concluded that proof reading is checking and correcting a text while editing is done to provide only the most required information. Both editing and proof reading are required in making sound text.



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