Delhi University - B.Sc.(H) Anthropology - First Year Papers


There are two anthropology papers in the first year. One of them is biological anthropology and the other is social anthropology. Both the papers consist of 45 marks each and have to be answered in the total time duration of three hours. There are around nine to ten questions given from which the candidate is expected to answer any five. All questions carry equal marks. The papers are not divided into sections. There is a short notes question in each of the papers. All the questions in the paper are from the portion covered during the year.

The important topics in biological anthropology include theory of evolution and theory of natural selection. The main topics in social anthropology comprise of social structures, social organizations, diffusionism, etc. make sure to write your answers to the point and do not be over elaborate or else it would not be possible to complete the paper. Make sure to answer all the questions in the separate answer sheet provided to you. Follow instructions if any given on the question paper so as to avoid any problem. Make sure to read the questions before attempting them.

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